Friday, December 17, 2010

What's Been Happening

This has been a quite a week.  First I had my hubby's birthday.  Poor thing the cake was a DISASTER!  I think you may be doubting me - well check it out this picture and you tell me.   Oh wait WYATT still have my SD card with the pictures on it - sorry no picture available.  Just use your imagination. Imagine a two layer chocolate 8 inch round cake with the top layer broken into 7 or 8 pieces. The pieces are trying (and sometimes succeeding) in falling off.
We have nicknamed this cake the earthquake cake.  But my sweet little granddaughter when she saw it said. Yummy!  That cake looks good!  (Just for the record I'm keeping that girl!!!)  It did taste good.  Hopefully that was good enough for hubby.  I felt bad serving such a mess.

Next Dad hopped a plane and flew out from Arkansas.   He came out to walk my sister down the aisle. Yep, that aisle.  Other people (relatives - not just some strangers!) started showing up from out of town to attend the wedding.  Most stayed with me.  (That's a good thing.)  So I did a lot of cleaning, cooking and making pot after pot of coffee.  Did you see my little 4 cup coffee pot in my previous post?  I was beginning to wonder if it would burn up on me.  But it lasted through.  I don't usually need to make so much coffee.  I enjoyed every minute of having everyone over.

My grandson Troy aka Babyzilla
And then the big day came - and Connie and Jeff got married.  She was a beautiful bride, and he was a dashing groom.  And once again no pictures.  I sure hope Wyatt and the rest of the film crew get an A on that French Cooking Film.  



  1. Congrats on the wonderful events! It's a shame about the cake, but we all have had disasters like that.

  2. Love babyzilla. That is too cute. I love the puppy on your masthead, too! Hey, it doesn't matter what the cake looks like, it's how it tastes that counts. And you succeeded well, there! Have a wonderful holiday! It sounds like it's been eventful so far!