Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another December Finish!

Oh my gosh!  I thought I would never finish this quilt!!!  I did the piecing early this year. Waited until May for a quilting class to become available in order to learn how to quilt.  Waited for my walking foot to arrive from my local quilt store from June until Sept.  When that didn't happen, I ordered one off the Internet.  I finally quilted it about three weeks ago.  Then it took two weeks just to find time to do the binding.   But it's done and I'm happy with it.  And it will make the best Christmas present for a three year old girl.

I decide to do the binding in the purple that the sashing is in. I applied the binding from the back. Turned it to the front and then used a decorative stitch. Well, I used a different one for each side of the quilt. Turned out very nice even if I say so myself.



  1. Well--see what happens when we stick to a "plan"--or rather the plan stuck to us(you)!!!
    Beautiful job--love the colors!!!!
    Happy holidays--
    hugs, Di and miss gracie

  2. Beautiful job! I'm glad you stuck with it for the long haul. Someone will be a very lucky girl.

  3. That's a great quilt. I bet you're really glad you stuck at it now.

  4. your persistence paid off! great quilt!

  5. Cutie pattootie quilt! I love that purple/white border and binding! I like how you tried new binding techniques, too. Nice going to get another finish in this year!