Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fool's List (FAL Q2 List)

Good Morning!

I'm starting this April Fools Day off with a list of things I plan to work on.

#1 Eric's Jesus Quilt
  Eric is my stepfather and I'm thinking he would love to get a quilt from me.
Don't you think?

#2 Make a Purse
I've had the pattern forever (yeah, you all know how it goes!)  I've bought several different fabric in different colorways for this.  I need to decide and SEW!

#3  Quilt Serena's quilt. (Midnight Mystery Quilt)

#4 Bralette
I found this lovely pattern at  So Sew Easy

Play with and learn my Clarity Ruler foot - so a small project -pillow or hot pad.

Ryan McKenna Birdhouse wall hanging.
(no picture yet - one coming soon.)

So that's my list, I do hope it's just not an April Fool's joke on me.

Happy Stitching,
Linda - enjoying my sewing again.

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  1. Good luck with your April Fools list Linda you have some lovely and interesting projects there to work .
    Love Serena's Quilt.

  2. Good luck with your list - I look forward to see your results x

  3. Looks like alot of fun projects! And I have several purse patterns that I should make, but somehow, the quilts call louder! :-) I've done a little sewing to day, but since my current sewing room is our little travel trailer, it's getting too hot out there so I'll wait till tonight to do more sewing. Hoping to go on a ride w/ my daughter and Hubby and take advantage of the beautiful day! Big hugs to you!! H

  4. Gorgeous projects there, Linda. Eric's Jesus quilt looks fascinating and as for the am impressed. Have fun ticking off that list.

  5. Wow -- those are some fancy goals you've set for April! I adore the prints you've picked out for the purse. The yellow is soft and buttery and beautiful with the blues! And Serena's Quilt is a show stopper!! I had to click on the bralette link -- isn't that a dainty, pretty little thing? I'm afraid I'd still have to ummm...wear a bra under it, though! Your stepdad's Jesus quilt is really lovely -- that will be a beautiful finish! :)

  6. Sorry I missed this! My regular laptop died, and I'm waiting for a new one. You have quite a nice assortment of projects to choose from. I'm really impressed if you can sew something like that pretty bralette. I can only stitch straight lines together!

  7. Lots of fun projects! I'm really looking forward to seeing Eric's quilt complete. Good luck this quarter!

  8. Nice list. I love the Midnight Mystery quilt. Good luck with your finishes and thank you for linking up with the FAL.

  9. Nice assortment to keep it all interesting, good luck!