Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Vinyl Fence and Erik's Quilt

I'm pretty excited over what I was doing this past weekend.
This vinyl fence.  Well, not the whole thing.  See Ramon had put up the front part and gate years ago.  Like 10 years ago. We have just had a silly little gate to no where for the longest time.  My pool equipment is behind it. 

But I asked him to come help me and he came over and we went through the pile of vinyl and found what we needed to make the rest of the fence, which is the left side from the gate to the wall. 

It was so much fun putting this together. Ramon dug the holes and did all the hard work - the thinking.  I put the slats in.  

It did take a while to get it all together. So that's why I didn't work on Erik's quilt on Saturday.  On Sunday I went to lunch with the kids - and then they came over and we played games. And that's why I didn't work on it Sunday. 

But on Monday I worked on it.  It's a simple quilt so I was able to get the top done.
 I put a little green flange between the border and the blocks.
I just had to give it some kind of little "POP".

I had gone to the store without the quilt and just picked a green fabric I thought would go.  Lucky me because it does!
I'm hoping he will really enjoy the quilt and the verse blocks will be comforting. 
Now to get a backing, batting and finish this baby up!
But not tonight as I have plans to go with a friend and a bunch a people I don't know to dinner at then to gaze at the "pink" full moon tonight.

Happy Stitching,

Linda, who hopes to enjoy the pink moon. (It's rather cloudy right now)


  1. You are a clever fence lady. =) Erik's quilt, you say, is simple but I think in all it's simplicity there is beauty. LOVE the patterned fabric that surrounds the blocks. Erik is going to love his quilt.

  2. I love white fence's--glad you were able to get the help you needed and that the rest of it got done--and it sounds like you got a busy life with friends and family--way to go-Erik's quilt will get done--I am sure!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  3. YOur fence looks great!! And I'm sure Erik will love the quilt. The border fabric is sure pretty too! :-) Hugs, H

  4. Great job on the quilt! Erik is going to love it. So, you're saying that fence people don't have fences? LOL! How typical is that. I hope you saw the moon - I couldn't see it here.

  5. The fence looks really great! And Erik's quilt is looking great too - I love the pop of green x

  6. Ooh your fence is so pretty! Linda that quilt is just amazing...the green goes beautiful. Did you enjoy the pink moon???

  7. or chained in the yard.... Don't like that 'rule'---but it is nice not to have loose-running dogs all around the neighborhood. We don't even see cats around here very often... I do hate hearing the big dog down the fairway from us (on the other side) barking while being chained up outside all day long... SAD.rail fence