Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lovely, Lovely

Here it is on my bed, my Batik Jewels quilt.  
Here's a bit of the back - it's so hard to get a decent picture of quilting on back of the quilt.
As I'm making the bed or just passing through the room, I'll notice each color block's different design. I didn't know realize when I was quilting it that these different designs would bring me so much joy. 
It was worth it to take the time to do each one differently.  

As for the Corned Beef I wanted on St. Patrick's Day, well, daughter wasn't cooking it so I was forced to go buy one myself. The briskets were on sale so I bought two. One for now and one for later. was so good.
I trimmed all the fat from it and then cooked it with just a little 2x2 piece of fat and the spice packet that comes with it. 
I only cook my cabbage for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Everything was delicious!
Happy Stitching!
Nicey Linda 


  1. Oh Linda, you must be so proud of your quilt, it's gorgeous! I love it! Hugs Linda xx

  2. Your Jewel Box looks beautiful on your bed, such a nice job of machine quilting.

  3. It IS lovely! I made a jewel box quilt years ago. Oh, that meal looks so good. I didn't get any this year. I think I'll just have to make some. Better late than never!

  4. That quilt is just stunning, I think I'd be making very frequent trips to the bedroom just to admire it! Your corned beef looks SO GOOD - my gosh, I haven't had that in years, not homemade anyway!

  5. It's so beautiful and perfect, I like your quilt!!

  6. Your quilt turned out amazing! Good Job Linda!!
    I did not eat corned beef on St. Patti's day - but I did manage to drink a beer after falling from the exhaustion of ripping out the plaster walls. Together, we had the complete St. Patti's meal. lol

  7. I love the quilt!! You did great!! I think you are the first finish in the group!! Be sure to show to us again on the next 15th, as your done project ,,,and then give a new UFO. HUGS

  8. Linda, your quilt is awesome! I think you should come teach me to quilt. Beautiful!!!!!

  9. Oh, WOW! Your quilt is soooo beautiful! It looks wonderful in your room. I love your wall color, and your quilt just really goes beautifully with it. I really love it! Well done!

  10. oh it is stunning and is perfect in your room! you really need a grand bed for such a grand quilt! fantastic work and beautiful colours xxxx

  11. Your quilt looks great in your good that you are enjoying it so much. Good idea to do the different quilting motifs - they do add an extra dimension.