Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get 'em Done and Clover Needle Threader

As you can you see I'm working on the binding.  Now I really didn't think I would finish this by today, although that was the goal. Especially when yesterday I mentioned to my daughter that I would be making Tamale Pie for dinner.  Well, she informed me that her husband loves my Tamale Pie.  So of course they were promptly invited to dinner.  It's just impossible to sew binding on when you are chasing and tickling three grandkids!
As I was sewing the binding on, I found that for me using a sharps needle is the way to go. It sharper and therefore easier to push in and out of the fabrics.  I only have these applique ones. Once I started using that sharper needle sewing the binding on went much faster. 

Last night I was having trouble threading my needle.  So FINALLY after having this for a year I decided to try my Clover Needle Threader.  What took me so long? This is a wonderful little gadget!  I'm keeping this baby near me from now on.  No more struggling with threading the needle for me!
I'm linking up to Sandra Kaye's Get 'em Done UFO Progress Linky Party.  She will be having this party every 15th of the month so come join us! 

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. Tamale Pie, that sounds so good, maybe you will share your recipe sometime in the future. Will check out the needle threader. A long time ago at a class for Bishop Method of Clothing construction the instructor told that her needle of choice was an embroidery 8, has a bigger eye. I have been using them ever since but no longer make clothes.Yuck!

  2. I have 2 Clover threaders, one stays in the den where I HQ and the other goes with me when I travel..I love them! Perfect for smaller holes...and they are stable and can stand alone..I sometimes put my unthreaded needle in them while I rearrange or fiddle with my fabric (taking pins out, looking for thread, etc). There are a few needles that don't work with them, usually the larger holed ones, but I can still see to thread them....

  3. Cool tools.. Don't forget to come and hook up with me today!! Hugs

  4. Hi Linda,
    Looks like you are on your way to getting that binding done. So glad Sandra is motivating us to get our UFO's completed.

  5. We have some similarities! I am also sewing a binding on a quilt today and I also have a needle threaded which is a wonderful invention!

  6. Good job being on the binding! Woo hoo! I love those needle threaders, too. But I'm constantly losing mine. What's up with that!

  7. I love sewing binding on too, and I use those same needles! I don't have Clover's needle threader, but I do have one that was my grandmother's that is very, very similar.

  8. Next time we drive to Disneyland, I will make sure we are passing by at dinner time and put in my request for Tamale Pie. :o) lol

  9. I'm a new follower from Sandy's linky party. I haven't linked yet but hopefully by tomorrow I will have a plan and post written. Happy Monday,
    ...hoping to do some stitching in Michigan...(o: