Friday, March 23, 2012

Giveaway & Review: Eleanor Burn's New Book "Tales of First Ladies" & Set-In Triangle Ruler

I'm so pleased to be able to review Eleanor Burn's new book and to offer this give-away.
It was exciting to receive the package - and what a big package it was!
Oh the supense as I sliced open the box.
WhooHoo!  Two of Eleanor's latest book "Tales of First Ladies" and two Set-In Triangle Rulers one for me and one for a give-away.  Can you see how big the Set-In Ruler is?   It's 15 inches!

First I want to talk about Eleanor's book.
I will tell you that I was asked to review the products - but not to give a positive review. I have really become a fan of Eleanor Burns after making two of her quilts.  She takes hard things and makes them simple and easy.  Who wouldn't like that?  So I figured I would like the book, and then after it arrived and I looked through it I was floored.  Eleanor has absolutely out done herself with this book.  I expect her to present easier ways of doing thing, clear instructions and plenty of pictures. I'm telling you, she far exceeded my expectations.

Eleanor has made her book "Tales of First Ladies" very versatile.  There are stories about the first ladies, which I found very entertaining and a block for each one. So the book is good for just sitting and reading and for making quilts.  The blocks come with instructions for 6 and 12 inches.  I wasn't sure if I would be up to making her center block as shown on the front cover, but not only does she have instructions for the an appliqued eagle medallion center, there are several other options, including pieced blocks. Once I looked at her instructions - I realized I could do the appliqued center.

She provides instructions for different types, sizes and styles of quilts and shows them in different color combos. (I love that! Sometimes seeing a quilt in a different color will just do it for me and I'll be inspired to  make it.)  There is enough information and diversity to design my own quilt(s). And to compliment that idea, Eleanor has a gallery of quilts section made by different people.  It's quite inspiring to see the different spins people take when making these blocks  and how each quilt is so unique.

Eleanor's instructions are always so easy and clear. Even if this was your first quilt you would be able to follow her step by step photos and instructions.
She has photo samples of fabrics suggestions to use and explains what to look for in fabric choices. Photos of tools (with their names) so that you know exactly what is needed.  Eleanor takes you step by step in making the quit and she even (I'm so impressed with this part) has a section on how to quilt the quit. She shows quilting designs and how to do it!  Can you believe that?  So nice to have a book that helps you finish your quilt.  I was really impressed with the book and highly recommend it.  I can't wait to start on a quilt using this book and Eleanor's lickity-split methods. Of course I'll post pictures when I do.

One other thing I would like to add, the book was printed on very high quality paper and the colors within are so rich, that just sitting and reading or looking at the pictures is really a joy.

Now I think that I have rambled on long enough and I'll do a review of the Set-In ruler next time. Please note:  the Set-In Ruler is not required to to make the quilts in this book.

The Give-away is for Eleanor's Book "Tales of First Ladies" and the Set-In Ruler.
Sorry, because of shipping constraints this one will have to be for the USA only.
First Ladies always have a special project that they work on throughout the Presidency term. (Michelle Obama is Childhood Obesity, Laura Bush's was Education, Barbara Bush's was Literacy, Nancy Regan's was Drug Abuse)  To enter please tell us; if you were the First Lady, what project/program you would choose?

I'll post about the Set-In Ruler and give you another chance to win, and at that time give the ending date for the Give-away.
Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. Oh how lucky your are. Special project....I would want to do something to help out single mothers. Those mothers that are out trying to make it on their own and need some extra help. Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes. And I'm number 1 yay

  2. Looks like a great book...will be checking my local quilt shop! My project would be ending childhood hunger in the US !

  3. Linda, thanks for the good review. I haven't made any Eleanor Burns quilts yet, but I have always enjoyed how she simplifies things. She is a hoot.

    Hmmm....what would my project be? Well, my passion is kids with disabilities and education, so it would have to be getting good services for kids with disabilities.

  4. Oh you lucky girl! I have loved Eleanor ever since I can remember! I did get to meet her once. :-) My project would focus on home & health care for the elderly~ they seem to get forgotten too often. Thanks for the chance!!

  5. That looks like a great book! BTW: Eleanor is going to be inducted as the 2012 Honoree during The Quilters Hall of Fame Celebration this July. :)

  6. What an interesting idea for a book! If I had the chance, I'd want to advocate for ways for the elderly to stay in their homes - home health support, etc. VermontPines at aol dot com

  7. Nice review, Linda. My first class was from an Eleanor Burns book, and i really learned a lot. My project would be to assist marketing Hospice programs. So many people coule benefit from Hospice, but they really don't have a good understanding of what can be provided. Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. I do love her books and have 3 of them in my home library. My issue would probably be literacy because I was a high school English teacher before kids.

  9. Ever since her first "Quilt in a Day" book, Eleanor Burns has been the first lady in quilting. This book looks like a winner, thanks for sharing.

  10. I love her books. And I bet the ruler works great too! Great giveaway-- thanks for the chance.
    Special Olympics for me. My younger sister has Downs.

  11. I love her books as well. If I was involved as first lady I would want to work on the problems of food for the nation. As an avid home cook I try to focus on healthy eating, and I would like to see every child go to school fed and have a great opportunity to learn.

  12. This is beginning to feel like my year of the sampler quilts ... and this one is a beauty. As a first lady, my cause would be to cultivate more appreciation for artisans and all things hand made.

  13. Eleanor Burns was my first quilt teacher in a little fabric store in So. Calif. I can still see her "ripping" strips - lights and darks for her famous log cabin in a day quilt. Her books then were typed and I still have it. Would love her tribute to the first ladies book to add to my collection. I would join Michelle Obama's bandwagon to curb obesity.


  14. I love Eleanor's books. The instructions are always so well done. If I were first lady I would focus on hunger in America.


  16. I think literacy would be my pet project.. reading is just so important.. Thanks for this nicey giveaway! :o)

  17. those books are fab! what a neat package x

  18. I'd love it if someone, somehow, could figure out how to "teach" commonsense. What an undertaking that would be! My very first quilt book was one of Eleanor Burns' - she's the best teacher!