Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Cutting for Hours (FNwF Results & OMG)

Honestly I don't know what is wrong with me. Why does it take hours to cut these pieces for Frolic?  Is it because there are so many? Or because my darn rotary blade is dull again, and my mat has been worn out for oh... just a couple years? 

Look - this is what I purchased!  I'm SUPER excited about it.
Lori Holts's Cutting Mat from the Fat Quarter Shop.  This one is TeaRose & Honey
It is so pretty! AND a different color pink than my other mat. 
PLUS it has the yellow on the back - with all the ruler lines so you can utilize both sides. 

And check this out: little dots for the half inch - so much easier.
And my favorite - Scallops (So girly!) on the edges.  
Makes it even easier for cutting.

I wasn't sure about cutting on the yellow side in the evening with the lamp lighting but it was very easy.

I also changed that blade and cut and cut and cut.  The new mat and blade really cut down on my cutting time - but better yet - made it more enjoyable.

This new mat helps my blade stay sharp much longer.
All the wings to my geese.

And my wings becoming geese. 

 I love the blue and green together. 

 Others are still a mystery - more geese? Some other block?
I have finished up clue # 6. Yay

Clue #7 is cut and waiting for me to sew.
I'll get started on that right after work. 

Happy Stitching,

Oh I almost forgot I'm linking up with Patty of 
January's goal is to finish up Frolic. 


  1. Love your new mat--my mats are old too-but it's all I can afford right now and they still seem to work--sooo--and new blades always work good--I need to put a new blade in my rotary cutter when I get going again--!!
    luv, di

  2. Ohhh what FuN... new toys ( I mean tools) lol.

  3. It's always sewwwww good when we finally change the blade in our cutter.. and a new mat too....
    Great job on your flying geese...

  4. It's amazing what a difference new tools can make! Love the half inch dots. Great work with clue 6. xx

  5. It's amazing the difference a new cutting mat and a sharp rotary cutter will make. LOVE that it is pink! I must say I am loving those blue and greens together. Love the blue pretties, too.

  6. Bonnie's quilts do require a lot of cutting don't they. Enjoy your new and refreshed tools. Good luck with finishing Frolic. I wonder how many clues we've got left?

  7. Happy Frolic! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  8. I love your new mat! That reminds me that I probably need a new one too. Your green and blue do look really great together x

  9. Why do we always wait so long to replace our blades? I'm in desperate need, so maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Are you keeping up with Frolic? Can't wait to see yours.