Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Love a Good Sale! (Craftsy Black Friday Sale)

I'm so excited about this - I ordered the Black Batting for Angela's Quilt!
(See I am making progress with this quilt!)

I looked online and found some sales - and then for some reason I decided to look at Craftsy.  I've never purchased from them before.

They have the most AMAZING SALE! 

This queen size batting is only $16.89!  

And then I just had to get another Purple Thang. For only $2.10!  
I love mine and want to have one next to the sewing machine and one next to the couch.  Or maybe one to have and one to lose?

I knew I would have to order batting for Angela's quilt.  I have never seen black batting in town.  I couldn't find any Warm and Natural - so I'm hoping that I this Hobbs okay. 

Happy Stitching & Shopping,

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  1. Awesome sales! I love my Purple Thang too. I almost bought a second one a couple of days ago. So is Angela's quilt going to be finished for Christmas??