Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Morning Hair

On Friday I decided to take off and go visit my daughter in Salinas, CA.

Oh what fun! We always have a blast.

We went to a swap meet and I debated and debated about buying this clippie for my hair. 
Cuz it was a whole $3.00!  LOL

So this morning I put my hair up and then wanted to look to check it out. I looked in the drawer for my hand mirror and wasn't there.  I saw my phone on the counter and used it. 

Yeah, those cameras do come in handy!  

And the sad news is: the clip fell out of my hair on the way to work -  before even I hit the freeway!  LOL  

Oh well, putting it up and hair spraying it gave me a good hair day anyway. 

I hope your day is going nicely,


  1. Just as well it was still a good hair day inspite of the clip falling out - I'm sure you felt a million dollars for a little while anyway!

  2. Haha! It looked pretty in your hair while it was there! I can't wear clips like that to just pull back a partial portion of my hair (not without strategically placing a couple of bobby pins--and even then it's iffy) -- my hair is just too fine! :)

  3. Well it looked good while it was in there! haha!