Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas and New Spring Colors

Are you all getting ready for Christmas?  Buying/making those gifts?  Do you wrap as you get them, or wait until they are a big pile?  I say every year I'll wrap as I buy - but I never do.  

I'm not doing that well on the buying gifts part either, but I'm not worried yet. I still have plenty of time.  

I don't think time is really going to help me as I have a daughter (17) that doesn't want anything.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  I know she likes clothes - but I don't think I've ever selected anything that she likes.  It's the way of mothers and daughters; daughters always hate their mother's old fashion style. (At least that's the way it's been in our family. I hated my mother's, she hated her mother's, on down the line.)  I must admit I do love watching my daughter's face as I hold up something I think is adorable and she struggles not to rolls her eyes! hehehe  She really is sweet - she doesn't want to hurt my feelings - but NO WAY is she wearing THAT!  

So while I'm sitting here mulling over getting my Christmas cards and packages mailed, the Pantone Color people are announcing the 2013 Spring Colors!  Really?  All Ready?

Wow!  I sure to like these colors. I can just see a quilt made from them.  But I think I'll just stick to thinking about Christmas for now.  I like to enjoy one season at a time.  But in the back of my mind I'll be thinking of these new colors! LOL!

Happy Stitching


  1. Ugh - well, we're not buying a thing this year, just making cookies. Not sure what to do about my boys, they don't want anything either! Probably end up just doing cash again, lol. That always seems to be a hit. My aunt is about the only one that goes all out - she always gets us a lot of stuff, and oddly enough, everything fits and we always love it. I wish I knew how she does it, those genes skipped me!

    I too really like those new colors - I'm ALWAYS thinking summer!

  2. When I saw the Pantone colors for spring 2013, I also thought they'd be a great palette for a quilt.

  3. Those really are great colors! But you're right, you need to be concentrating on Christmas right now. as for gifts, I resorted to giving Savings Bonds for my nephews. But that probably doesn't work when it's your own kid. Good Luck.

  4. Vouchers for her favourite shop? I think money or vouchers are a good idea they get what they want and you don't get stressed!!!

  5. To avoid that eye-rolling or disappointment when she opens her pressies, I always get my daughter vouchers for her favourite shop. She loves having them, and always asks for them.

  6. I'm struggling to get everything done these days. I am looking forward to next week at this time, when I will be in Florida! Hang in there. How about electronics? Most kids her age love a new iPod or something?? New iPhone? LOL How about a sewing machine? ;-)