Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our new neighbor

Maybe he's an old neighbor but I just met him last night.  My doggies barked at 11:00pm so I went out to see what was up.  At least this fellow is not as stinky as our skunk neighbors.  Doesn't he look a bit scary?  Well, maybe he doesn't, but it was eerie that he just sat there staring and wouldn't move.  He sat there long enough for me to run back into the house for the camera, take several pictures that were too dark, fiddle with the settings and snap a better one.  That's a long time.  Then as I was walking back into the house beside the pool a frog jumped into the pool causing a big splash and scared me silly!! 

Oh my good news is:  I have another paper written!  (I'm doing the happy dance!) The paper wasn't that bad, but I had to watch a foreign film and I really didn't like the it.  So it's nice to move on.  And I am. Right to getting my tablecloth pinned to be quilted. Yea!


  1. Oh my goodness, be careful those possums can be very mean. I LOVE the tablecloth..the color are gorgeous.

  2. Yikes! I would have been scared too!☺
    Beautiful quilt! Is that Origins? I have a jelly roll waiting to be used of that line...

  3. Beautiful tablecloth! THe possum not so much. Congrats on finishing your paper. I dropped out of the class I started - too much work and stress, and not enough time for sewing!

  4. I love seeing critters. Even possums. As long as they leave my dogs and cats alone. Live and let live, I always say!