Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haunted Hotel Maid

This is what I picked up from the haunted house last Friday.  I'm so scared to go through haunted houses, but since my daughter is volunteering there I was forced to go through.  Yep. I screamed a  LOT.  But it was so much fun.   

She is one of the first people you encounter in the haunted house. She is dressed as a maid complete with a feather duster.

The people running it really put on a great experience.   So many rooms and twisted hallways, it was quite a maze. They have a bridge over water that is rigged to break - I got a bit wet, a ceiling that comes down and plenty of scary rooms filled with scary and sometimes funny actors.  To get out you have to pass by a man with a chainsaw (and the chainsaw is running!!)  and he chases you out. And sometimes he chases way pass the haunted house and into the park. Later I found out they take the blade out.  Whew! That's good to know, but I wish I knew before I had to pass him.  All the money goes to a children's charity - but I can't remember which on it is.


  1. Nice makeup. Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Ooh - I couldn't do that! I'd just give them my donation and turn and run. You're very brave, despite what you say~

  3. Great makeup! I love a haunted house that is really good and scary...not cheesy!

  4. I enjoy haunted houses too and that makeup is awesome!

  5. Oh my! Her makeup is very well done -- quite convincing! Perhaps by the end of the season it won't seem quite so scary anymore! :)