Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Silent Treatment

After all this time of being silent I don’t think there is anyone left that will be reading this. 

We have been very busy packing our home in California, selling it and moving to Arkansas.  We stayed at an RV park which was wonderful!

We only paid $650 for the month and that included everything we needed, electric, water and cable. I joked that we ought to just live there forget buying a house.

                           It’s so pretty here and I love walking Marzipan.

Within one month of getting here we had found a home and closed escrow.

Houses are selling like hot cakes everywhere we looked California, Colorado, Idaho, and here in Arkansas.
We have not really moved in. We have a few things to fix and carpet needs to be replaced - carpet guys come tomorrow YAY!
We do have wonderful views.  I asked Bruce that if we moved he would try to find a house with a view as good as our one in Bakersfield.  I do think he succeeded.

In stitching news: I started a cross stitch while we were camping looking for our home, and I'm almost finished with it. 
I just have the backstitching to do.

I was planning to hang it up in the RV but now I'm thinking of hanging it in the new home.

Happy Stitching,



  1. Congratulations on finding a house - with a spectacular view! I'm sure it will feel so good to get moved in and settled. Are you closer to family in Arkansas or further?

  2. Oh, those views; they are amazing. You have lovely picture windows in your new home. Love that fireplace, too. Congratulations on your move. Such a pretty cross stitch.

  3. So happy you found a lovely home so soon--and it looks like a really 'cool' one--love that fireplace and then that view--I see you will have to change your --Linda in Calif--to Linda in Arkansas!!!!luv, di

  4. Congratulations, your new home looks great, love the fireplace. Enjoy settling in and making it yours, and looking at those gorgeous views.

  5. Hi Linda! So pleased you’ve found a beautiful home with a fabulous view for Bruce, Marzipan and you…
    Your pretty cross stitch will look lovely in the new home.