Friday, March 22, 2019

Let's Talk about Quilting is Blissful....

When I first started blogging (years ago) I found Di's blog - Quilting is Blissful.  For me - reading her blog is such a pick me up. She is always so cheerful, she had the funnest little stories, the cutest little cartoons and the nicest little projects she is working on.  Right away we emailed back and forth - and I could see she is genuinely such a nice  person.  And so interesting too.

Well, skip ahead a few years (like 10!)  and we come to Di's Blog Anniversary Giveaway. 

Which I WON!  

Yesterday I was having a rough day.  My supervisors at work have been giving me more and more things to do to the point of overwhelming me.  And in the mail, was this package!
Oh cares about work!  Let's open this baby up!

Oh - wait.  Where are my manners?  I want to say thanks first.


See how delightful that wrapping is?  And such a cute card. And Di put darling little kitty kat stickers on the card!  Awww - I love it.  Makes the card even more special. 

Okay - first the dark blue present.
WOW!  How pretty is this?  It's adorable.
And I love birds.

And look at the wonderful details, love the lace and those cute buttons! 
Oh I just love this! What cute flower suckers - looks yummy too.
We have a joke in our family, "All anything needs is a doily and a bird on it." Because I love birds and my husband loves doilies.  I had to laugh as this certainly fits the bill. 

Also inside that pocket are Flower Seeds!
ZINNAS!  Perfect for where I live! I'll be planting those this weekend.

And in the light blue present....
Is this the cutest fat qtr?  I LOVE it and it so reminds me of Di!  So pretty and girly, and filling lives with fairy dust!
Thank you Di for all the sweet presents and for all the years of letting us read your blog and see into your world.

If you haven't read her blog - here's the link Quilting is Blissful.



  1. Such a happy parcel overspilling with pretties. A perfect pick-me-up after such a torrid week at work. Love the sweet little bird doily...just so pretty.

  2. Isn't Di just the sweetest? I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person several times. I've followed her from NY to FL! Enjoy all your pretties!!!

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!

  4. Congratulations on winning Di's giveaway and she has sent you lots of gorgeous gifts... enjoy them and I look forward to seeing the Zinnias when they flower.

  5. You are so welcome sweet, Linda--and Yes I too want to see pictures of the flowers when they bloom!!! Glad you are enjoying the goodies--
    have a wonderful week--and tell those bosses of yours to 'chill' at bit!!!
    luv, di


  6. How very special to receive a special gift on a day when you really needed it! A gift you will think of all summer!