Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Post of 2016

Well, are you all bundled up with this wet weather?  
And if you are in the lower hemisphere, are you enjoying some nice sunshine?

I loved the sun when it was shinning and now that it's wet and cold I'm love it just as much.  And I love the early morning skies.
This picture was taken this morning on my way to work.

I have been working on the Midnight Mystery.
Cheryl has really made this fun.
All my blocks are sewn for the December clue.  Waiting (happily) for January's clue. 

And check out what I taught my daughter, how to play Barrel of Monkeys.
So that she can beat her boyfriend. (I know some tips on to get them all up and in a row.) 
Somehow this game was so much easier when I was a kid.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Your blocks look so pretty! And your daughter looks so happy with her new little tricks! ;-) Have a great new year!! Hugs, H

  2. Man, I so dropped the ball on that mystery! I had my stuff cut out and when I did the first sewing together of the first pieces, one of the fabrics I used didn't play well with the other...(stretched itself right out) So I picked all the threads thinking I would cut out different fabric and Wa La! life happened. I never got back to it. Perhaps after I get my sewing room organized (ahem) I will get back on it. Almost all the fabric is cut, so why not?
    I love how your blocks turned out.

  3. Would love it a little cooler here.. Have been having some very hot days, good to turn on the air con and stay inside...
    Loving your blocks...
    Barrel of Monkeys was such a fun pastime...

  4. Happy New Year to you! I've been seeing a lot of morning sky pics on FB from the other Linda in Bakersfield. Gorgeous! Love the quilt blocks. How long does the mystery continue? I don't think I ever played Barrel of Monkeys. :-(

  5. Beautiful morning photo. ..your blocks look wonderful.I used to play that pick up monkeys when I was young too. Great game.

  6. The Midnight Mystery blocks are beautiful. I taught that game to my daughter too.