Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Little Gift from God

So – here’s what happened yesterday that  I really wanted to share with you.
 When we were kids we had these really pretty ornaments on the tree –  I really liked one in particular.  I remember hanging it on the tree when I was five.  So I took that ornament with me when I moved out or maybe when it was Christmas, I asked Mom for it .

  I hung it on the tree each year and it was so cool remembering Christmases long ago, each time I saw it. Especially when I was overseas or in NC.   Well, during one of my moves  I packed it in a box with a lot of other decorations and then later decided I didn’t want all those decorations (forgot my ornament was in the box!) and threw it out.  Well, took it to Goodwill.   

 You can imagine my dismay when I realized what I had done.  So instead of being  upset.  I asked God to please give me another one.  Well, I’m thinking God’s a pretty big God and can do that if he wants.  (Not very likely to happen – but what the hay.)   I have been looking for it in antique shops . 

Okay – so I go to Home Goods yesterday and walk down the aisle and see some pretty ornaments. 
I tell Mark, oh it’s nice to see glass ornaments, usually they just have plastic ones.  I looked last year at Michaels and Rite Aid, etc. and couldn’t find any pretty glass ones.   And then I see my ornament I used to have in a box of 12. (WHAT?  Could this really be it?)
And then I see the one that I remember as my sister Cindy’s! (Silent Night)   I know for sure these are the ones we had. 
And God has given me back the ornament originally made in 1940  (I know that from the box – it’s a retro set)  Wow! They were super old when I was a kid!
And the ornaments have little fuzzy white on designs.  As I touched it, I remembered how much I love to touching them when I was little. Isn’t that amazing?

 This is  my present from God this year.  :-)  I'm doing the happy dance!



  1. Lucky girl! We had just a few of those ornaments when I was growing up. Not sure what happened to them. I'm so glad you found them!!

  2. What wonderful treasures to have found...

  3. How wonderful for you to find them again.

  4. God is So GOOD! As I looked at your box of beautiful ornaments I was recognizing several of them. We had the same "Silent Night" ornament on our tree when I was growing up. Your tree will be a memory tree!

  5. What a loving Father we have! Perfect reminder that He DOES care about the little things. xo

  6. They have these at Home Goods???? I'm going! I have a bunch of these kinds of ornaments from various places, grandmother, mum them. So glad God led you there, sweetie!

  7. These are beautiful! I love the ornaments that remind me of my childhood Christmas trees. I will be looking for these (not that I need ANY more ornaments! o:) ) So glad you found them, I would have been upset and losing it too.