Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Joann's Trip

After lunch the other day, we stopped by Joann's. We didn't have much time only ten minutes so I wasn't worried about being tempted. . I was sure I would walk out empty handed.  Yeah, right.  What planet was I living on?

As soon as we passed by the Halloween Fabric - which is RIGHT at the Front Door I hear Mark saying "I want to make a Halloween Quilt."  Oh! What a good idea!  And it is - except, he's making the quilt so he's picking the fabric - and it's NOT what I want. 
I told him don't pick that spider fabric - it gives me the creeps. Do I need to tell you he doesn't listen to me? Even those glittery spiders won't make it better!  And you know a girl loves glitter but it's not happening here.

Okay this one is not too bad.  I won't make a little kids sleep with it. Or watch a scary movie under it - but kind of cool.

Oh dear.  What can I say - sort of creepy - sort of ugly.
I just don't think Mark's listening to me!

Oh well, I suppose I can't find any fault with this one.
 After all the pumpkins are smiling.

And I'm kind of liking this one. (This picture is after the fabric was washed - but not ironed. Ironing is for later.)

Okay now, he's finding some cuter ones. 

This one I like a lot.  I bought the rest of the bolt - 1 1/3 yard. 
Is this so cute or what?

I'll keep you posted on how it's turning out.
I think he can get the top make before Halloween. I'm not sure I can get it quilted by then.
I'm thinking I'm going to have to teach him to do the quilting too.
Right after I teach him to thread the machine. 

Happy Halloween Stitching,
Nicey Linda 
(Yes Nicey - cuz I'm helping him make this quilt.)


  1. You are such a NICEY WIFEY!! And you are so sly about getting new fabric. I stopped tonight for a half yard to finish a project, and it cost over a hundred dollars! My how prices have gone up. LOL!

  2. I just can't get over, even still, that your hub has taken a shine to quilting. :) You are right.. some of those fabrics have a high creep factor.. but some are so cute! Can't wait to see his creation! :) I love this post. Hey.. if you teach him to quilt.. I bet he'd want a huge power tool for it.. (long arm) ... think about that.. :) xo

  3. Oh no not the creepy ones but I do like some of the others...
    Hope we get to see the quilt when it is finished...

  4. I love this. You crack me up. I think it's so awesome he's so into it!

  5. Hahaha!! That spider print goes quite nicely with the darling spiderweb batik I just picked up!! :)