Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quilting the Watercolor Star

Well, whether it's good or not at least it is getting done.  :-)  Some of the quilting is my own design and some is a stencil. I like doing both types of quilting.

I have the two borders (green and lavender) to quilt and the purple and lavender stars in the borders.

Oh and just to let you know I submitted my two blocks to Block Lotto.  I didn't win the lotto.  But I'm still happy to have made the blocks to send to someone else.  I plan to do play again this month. 

June block for Lotto is super easy.  Here's the block sample from the site.

It's a 3 patch using blue, green and purple. Now I ask, could anything be easier than that?

As for the Civil War blocks - I can't piece the blocks when I'm quilting.  Why?  Because I would have to change the foot!  And I just don't like changing it.  So silly as it doesn't take much time.  I bet you were tired of seeing those old Civil War blocks anyway.  I suppose I better get to quilting!


  1. Linda, it's going to be a work of art! You're doing a great job. I should be quilting right now, instead of sitting here at the computer.

  2. Oh believe me I know, sometimes sitting at the computer is so easy to do.