Friday, June 10, 2011

June Goals - Never too late to make them (photo heavy)

Finally I have time to think about my June goals - and just because the month is almost 1/3 over doesn't make it too late to make them.

So you want to see what's up first?

#1) The Civil War Blocks - I have the fabrics for the next 3 picked out. 

# 2) The Block Lotto Blocks - I have some of the fabric picked out for them.

#3)  I want to work on another UFO.  The one that's in this box - that hasn't been opened in 6 years.

What to see? 

More lovey purples - ones that I can use in the Block Lotto and.....
         Lots, well about 8 or 9, fun block like these. 

This is Angela's quilt.  This is a real stumper of a quilt - I don't know how to get motivated nor what to do with it.

#4) Gift items from the Heart of the Valley Shop Hop.  These were gifts from Strawberry Patches Quilt Shop.  Lovely, really lovely.

The package even included some Jelly Beans - the good ones from the Jelly Belly Factory.  Yum, I've loves them!

It's a little kit - for making a little purse.  I love the fabric. 
Strawberry Patches even included a 20% off coupon.  What's wrong with me I better get over there quick before it expires!

They have lovely fabric and while I was there during the shop hop I found the neatest,  (like that word?  I haven't used it in years.) coolest fabric that I couldn't resist.  

These cute little animals and stripe that goes with it.  So my project
#5)  is to make a summertime nightie for myself. 

Don't you agree I just had to buy it?

Okay, only 5 projects.  I should be able to accomplish this.  I'm taking off next week so I'll let you know how I'm doing and check in on your blogs the following week.


  1. May they all become finishes, and not breed into new WIP/UFO's! A fun set of projects.

  2. Good for you to have a plan. I had a plan last Monday but then yesterday I saw a tutorial on a blog and that became part of my new plan. Be sure and let us see you finishes as the month progresses.

  3. You definitely needed to get that fabric, your summer jammies are going to be fantastic! My inner calendar keeps thinking its the 15 or 16 of June rather then the 11th! I wish you all the luck in getting all those tasks done. Now get to work! ha ha