Thursday, June 30, 2011

Angela's Quilt

So you all know about Angela's quilt.  It's the black and lavender/purple one that I have no idea how I'm going to put together. 

All the blocks have stars in them.  Well, sort of stars.  I don't want to just have 12 star blocks.  I need something special for the center.   So..... I had this idea.  When I first started quilting I saw a feathered star block.  I thought at the time - no way would I ever do that!!  It's just too hard.  Now I'm thinking a feathered star block in the center would be so great. And I'm willing to give a try. (It couldn't be harder than that block of Judy Martins!  Can it?)

So off I went looking for one on the Internet.  And guess what I found - hold on to your horses this is so cool. 

Feathered star from Molly's Place Blog

Not only did I find a feathered star - but I found a tutorial by Molly at Molly's Place!!!!  Now don't you just love tutorials?  Yep, so do I! 

I'm so excited about this. I can't wait to use this diagram and pick my fabrics!!

diagram from Molly's Place
Doesn't it look like fun?  Yeah, I think so too.



  1. Linda, That will be absolutely beautiful! And you can do it. You've really been honing your skills the past few months, and this will be a piece of cake. Stitch on!

  2. I also follow Molly's blog and remember thinking that her tutorial seemed very comprehensive. I think the feathered star will looks great in the centre of your star blocks.