Friday, July 1, 2011

Angela's Quilt continued....

So I called my daughter, Angela, and told her I had gotten out her quilt and starting to work on it.  I told her my plans to make some more star blocks.  To which she said, "I need that cat."  Ohhh that Cat!  I was hoping she had forgotten about it.  (NOTE:  She needs that cat.  Who needs a cat - one wants a cat!)

And this coming from a girl that never requests anything. Hmmm...maybe it's important to her.  "But", I explain to her, "it's a Star quilt and that block is only 6 inches square all the other ones are 12 inches."  Surely that will set her straight. One can not argue with numbers - I know I work in accounting.

Angela:  "I need that cat."

Okay, I guess she needs that cat.

Here's another block I have planned for her quilt. 

Judy Martin's Block form Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Oh Lordy, it's another Knockout Block from Judy Martin.  But I think it looks easier than the last one of did of hers.  And last night I cut out all the pieces.  See?

And while I was cutting and watching The Kennedy's on Netflix.  (I really enjoyed the series)  I also cut out the latest of Civil War blocks.  It's fun to try to come up with a color combo that I haven't used yet.


  1. My my, aren't you getting brave and ambitious? Can you enlarge the cat to 12"?

  2. You could put a little 6 inch cat block INSIDE a 12 variable star block--I think it would be charming.

  3. Love the snail's trail star! that will be pretty and I like sophie's idea of putting a cat inside a star. Looking forward to seeing your CW blocks. I have 2 to make this weekend too.

  4. Hello, welcome on my blog!! Nice to meet you there!! Greetings from Germany from Regina