Monday, July 11, 2011

I love selecting fabrics

I started playing around with some purple fabrics for the feathered star. I liked this combination.

Or even this one.

Then I remembered I was going to use this very little lavender (looks white) and this blue

But no - I'm not digging that!  Get that blue out of there.

Okay this one I really like.  The very light fabrics will be up next to the black background making a sharp contrast.

The the wild pink and silver will be smaller triangles - so it might work.

I'll think about those for a bit and maybe cut them out tomorrow.

I did get the next block cut out.   Another Knockout Block by Judy Martin.  I seem to have a thing for these blocks.  As my grandmother used to say, "a glutton for punishment".  LOL!

I was a bit tired when I finished cutting.  I looked around; I wasn't the only one pooped out.

and this one too....

Awe.... too tired to even chew that bone.

Okay, later gater....



  1. i feel like your dog does today lol.
    love those fabrics! good choices.

  2. Wonderful fabrics with wonderful colours!! I'm looking forward for the blocks...

  3. These blocks look really interesting. I love all the purple fabrics you have found to use.

  4. Neat. That book does look interesting. What is it?