Thursday, July 14, 2011


I did it I finished the block!   And I didn't go buy any Cheetos!  Yippee for me!  This is my favorite block so far.  I think I say that after each block.  This was cut from two fabrics, black and then a strip that gradually went from pink to purple.  Those variations turned out pretty cool. huh?

I did go shopping with my sister to Hancock's for the flag she is making.  I thought while I was there I would pick up some WOW (White on White) for the Block Lotto.  You are never going to believe this. They had none.  Yes, you read the right. N O N E.   What fabric shop is out of white??? 

Oh well, no complains I'll just have to go shopping today at a different fabric store.   

Wait I have on more thing to say.  I even asked when they would be getting the next shipment of fabric in and she said they just got it this morning and everything was unpacked and on the floor.  Next one is due in two weeks.   Bless their hearts, they need some help. 



  1. Beautiful! I cut a ton of WOW yesterday for hexie flowers. Sorry I can't send it to you.

  2. Its awesome!! The points are perfect and the colors fabulous! Great job Linda!! And what will control. After reading your post about the Cheetos I ate almost an entire big bag of Mexican Chili chips... .. oh so good and so not healthy... .. I am seriously lacking self control!!

  3. This block is stunning! Love the colors.