Thursday, July 7, 2011

Never lose your SS Card & Judy's Knockout Blocks

Listen, never lose your Social Security Card - or worst your kid's card.

I've already spent two lunch hours down there trying to get a duplicate card for my daughter.  She will be turning 16 soon - and we all know she's going to want a job.  Each time we go the SS people tell us we need something different!

The first time I had the form all filled out.  But then the local SS office said we needed a picture ID for her.  So we left and a couple days later came back with last years - 2010's student ID.  After waiting my whole lunch hour, the SS guy said No, that wasn't good enough; we needed an insurance card too. 

So I went back to work - and they went to get the insurance card at home and then back to the SS office.
In the meanwhile I called the SS 1-800 number.  And guess what - they can take that ID.  She said we should just talk to the manager.  Of course when they went back they got a different clerk and didn't need that insurance card! Oh well. 

Well, one good part was, when we left they had just called #270  and when Mark and Serena returned (45 minutes later)  they had just called #272 (our number!).

Okay now for your viewing enjoyment:  I finished this Knockout Block of Judy Martin's up last night.

Judy Martin's Knockout Block - Virgina Star

Doesn't it look lovely with this one?

Judy Martin's Knockout Block aka the HARDEST block EV ER!

The Virgina Star block was much easier that the Hardest block ever - it was a little challenging as there are no real instructions and I wasn't sure where to line of some of the pieces.  And as I was sewing I realized I had lost a triangle!  I really do think I cut it out but I still haven't found it.  LOL!!

I also worked on my Civil War block - but didn't quite finish it.  Almost, but no cigar.

Have fun sewing on your projects.

Oh one last thing.  Have you heard about Anna Lena's quilt along?  Bow Tie blocks and 3D Bow Tie blocks. How fun does that sound?  She has it set up to sew one per day for the summer.  (It started on June 21st)  So that's not too many to catch up on. 

Okay now go have fun sewing!



  1. oh i'm going to be dealing with the ss office soon~my son has a formal diagnosis now of autism and am applying for ddd, and eventual ssi. so we will see the hoops they make me jump lol.

  2. Wow, you're really tackling the complicated stuff. I'm impressed. Keep on stitching.

  3. Oh, your blocks are just amazing and beautiful. You are really challenging yourself!

    Tell me about it on the SS issue. When I got married and changed my name, I think I went to the SS office THREE times! Each time, they told me I needed different documents. It depended on the clerk I got. One time, I was so frustrated, I nearly screamed. It was about all I could take!