Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Oh my I've been so busy I didn't even post what I did for the FNSI.

I've been in such a sewing dump.  And I was hoping that the FNSI would help and it did.  So I finished up these Wonky Block for the Block Lotto.  These will be donated, if they will have them!  That red one didn't turn out that great.

And I got all my background cut out for the feather star.  And I found some very fine thread to sew it up with, as required by Molly.

I don't have a picture of the black fabric - because who would want to see that?  So this one will have to do.

Here's the exciting part!!  I had my granddaughters over and they both picked out fabric for a little stuffed squirrel from Sue Haven's Make Your Own Toys.

I forgot to take a picture of the book so I borrowed this from Sue Haven's blog.
Sue had no idea when she wrote this book how much fun it would create for my family.

Violet - age 4, sewed the squirrel's tail.  Scarlett - age 6, stuffed the head while Serena - age 15 stuffed the body and Mark - age - well, lets just say over 21, sewed on the head.  The results:

Violet's Squirrel
We still have to add the eyes and nose.  I didn't have felt and buttons.

Next up will be Scarlett's Squirrel. 

And then a deer for Serena, a bunny for me, a monkey for Garrett and the list goes on and on!  They are so much fun!!!

The next morning I made circus waffles. 

Happy faces



  1. I love the new photo in your blog header! I like those wonky blocks. I think they turned out great. Can't wait to see your feathered star. Those are always a fun challenge.

    The squirrel is so cute! I like sewing little softies. They are fun, aren't they? It is just great!

  2. Ah, What a great book! I have one that shows how to make birds, but this book looks even better! Does it give step by step instructions and patterns?
    And circus pancakes?? Awesome! How in the world did you make those?

  3. By the way, these softies you are making are so cute. I never would have guessed that they came out of this book by the cover. I wouldn't have picked it up from the cover. :-) Loving it, though!