Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chuys and a bit of cutting

I love these colors!!!

I did get some cutting done.  Not much.

Because first I hopped on the back and took off with Hubby.
It's so hot here.  But when we are on the bike with the wind in our faces - it wonderfully cool.

And off we went to Chuy's, the Wednesday Night Hang Out for Bikers.

They have special parking for us'ins

First stop for me is the chip stand - free chips and salsa.  Yummm

Meanwhile hubby orders our Mesquite grilled fish. It's the real reason we come.

Okay - it's doesn't look the best being on a toss away plate - but it is!!! 

Back to the pieces I cut. They are all so little!  
I can't wait to cut the background pieces and get sewing!!



  1. I'm working with tiny pieces right now, too! Can't wait to see yours, in your favorite colors. Stay cool.

  2. The plates don't make the food taste good and this looks pretty wonderful. Some tiny little pieces, anxious to see what you will make.

  3. What beautiful colors you are working with!
    Chuys has such good food!

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous. My hubby sold his big bike to buy our furnace. He now has a Kawasaki KLR, which I don't enjoy riding. I hope we can afford to get him a bigger bike sometime soon so we can enjoy rides again together. I'm trying to encourage a Honda Goldwing this time (though another Harley would be great), because it has a nice big captain's seat in the back that Sweet Pea can ride in and not fall out easily. She has a tendency to fall asleep on the back!