Friday, July 8, 2011

July goals

I figure I better make these at the beginning of the month instead of the middle - or worse the end of the month.  

1st  I'm going to continue to work on Angela's quilt.  I think I have only two more blocks to make and then it's on to the setting of the blocks.

Which includes this feather block, a challenge for me.   I'm working on (which is just thinking) about a really cool setting.  Oh I can't wait!!!  It's going to turn out so good. 

2nd (and this will not come as a surprise) I'm going to continue with the Civil War block.  We are half way through the series of blocks - half way through the year! I'm all caught up.  This weeks is the Irish Chain Block but I was already going to use that as an alternating block between the Civil War Blocks.  So I guess when I make those - I'll be making quite a few. 

Block #26  Barbara Frietchie Star

My 3rd goal for this month is Block Lotto

I'm going to be honest with you.  Wonky makes me dizzy and all out of sorts.  So of course I'll give this block a try.  Maybe I'll change my mind. 

And my exciting 4th goal is taking a class at my local quilt shop.  We will be making a 4-patch poise.  I've had the pattern for couple years. I can't wait. 

Now for my question.  Do you do better with goals or without? And does it matter if you write them down or not?



  1. I do well with goals, but when I made too many goals I stressed my self out. Two or three goals a month are good for me in the summer, and maybe a few more in the winter.

  2. I don't want you feeling wonky and out of sort because of the Block Lotto ... you know it's PERFECTLY OK to sit out a month if the block isn't "you." I promise we'll be making something not-at-all wonky in August.

  3. I suck at getting goals done whether written down or not.
    I like the look of wonky, but I cannot seem to pull it off. I also like the look of crazy blocks, but there is just no way I can wrap my brain around it to make my own.

  4. I love that feathered star! Those are not easy, but they are gorgeous, and I think they are a fun challenge. Love it!