Friday, July 15, 2011

Wonky Blocks for Block Lotto

These are my wonky blocks for the Block Lotto. Do you think they are too Wonky? I don't know. Wonky and me just don't go together. Although, actually all my blocks are a bit wonky! Shh...don't tell the quilt police!

The funny thing is, looking at these blocks actually make me a bit seasick. Which is just hilarious since I never get seasick or carsick! I can read in the car driving on a windy road and not get carsick.

I hope to make a few more in different colors.  I planned to just donate them, but my daughter saw them and loved them.  So if I do win, I'll make her help me sew them up!!!  

Oh and did I say they were fun to do? 



  1. Seems funny to me, I never heard of "Wonky Blocks", is it something like "Crazy Patchwork"?
    I'm looking forward for the quilt!!

  2. OMGOSH! I LOVE your wonky blocks! Too COOL! I love anything!

  3. Don't forget to post your cool wonky blocks blocks on the Block Lotto group blog so you can be in the drawing.

  4. Hello Linda, love the colour combination of your wonky blocks...Regards, Lyn

  5. I think they are really neat. They really have a lot of movement and play tricks on the eyes.