Friday, July 29, 2011

Stuff animals from "Make Your Own Toys"

Poor little Squirrel looks like he is the only one in a police line up.
Saying, "It wasn't me!  I didn't do it!"

I finally got the squirrel's eye on.  I forgot to sew on the nose and mouth.  I don't know how I could forget that!!!  But I'll get that done soon.

Next I need to sew up a deer.  And Serena selected this fabric. 

It's just so pretty I can't cut it!  If I have to cut it, at least is will be for a good reason, Serena.  Oh but it's so hard.

And she wanted this fabric too.  Oh it's so pretty.  I can't cut it either!  Goodness Gracious.  Why didn't she pick something ugly?

I did it.  Here they are all the pieces ready to be sewn up.

I have the sweetest co-worker. She saw me at break time having a hard time cutting. She offered to cut the fabric for the penguin.  Hmmm....maybe she was just tried of listening to me whine about cutting such pretty fabric. She asked how did I want to cut it, and I told her any way she felt like designing it.  She did an awesome job!  She decided to put the fancy flower fabric as the center of the chest.  This Penguin is going to be so cute!!

And for your viewing enjoyment; here's Scarlett's squirrel.

And here he is (or she is) after being stuffed.

I'm waiting for Scarlett so that she can help me sew him up.  It's more fun to have something you help to create.

So that's my stuffed animal post.  I haven't been working on the Civil War blocks.  I have the fabrics picked out but these stuffed animals have been a bit more fun.



  1. You seem to be making a really cute little zoo there!

  2. Cute little critters! You and the kids are doing a terrific job at making them. Soft sculpture is fun and I love how creative you all are with those beautiful fabrics! I'm at the same point with my CW blocks. soon... ;0)

  3. Super cute! You are going to town on those projects! Oh, the deer will be so cute in that fabric! Can't wait to see these done!