Monday, August 1, 2011

Setting August Goals

What?? Where did July go to?? Oh my!  It's time to set some August Goals.

July was great all that swimming in the pool.  I don't even care if I met my goals or not.  I had fun sewing on the things I did and spending time with family.

For August my number one goal is to go camping!

And my second one is to sew up that Feathered Star.  It's all cut out and I'm anxious to ride that pony home.  (This is part of Judy's UFO Challenge.  And we are not going to mention that the challenge is suppose to be one UFO per month -and I'm doing one UFO per several months - no let's not bring that up!)

My third goal is finishing up 5 of these little stuffed animals. They are so much fun.  I just love them.

I'm working on this one.  Wait until you see it!!

Okay so that's it.  You know, set your goals low that you can reach them. Hahaha!! That's my motto for August.

Oh - and I almost forgot - I have three Civil War blocks already cut.  I'll see what I can do about getting those sewn up too.

Now I'm going to close this post about August Goals before I add more to the list!!

Happy August Sewing!



  1. Sounds like you have your August all planned out. Have a fantastic time camping :)

  2. Looks like you have your work "cut out for you." LOL. That was bad.