Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Morning! Back From South Datoka

Okay, I have to tell you we took off last week and took a nine day trip to Sturgis, South Dakota.
Hubby snapping a picture of Mt Rushmore.
I like the way I got him in his Sturgis shirt, with the bike and Mt Rushmore.

Just in case you don't know,  Sturgis holds a huge (the biggest?) motorcycle rally each year.  Over 450,000 bike show up.  It really is the coolest thing to be among that many bikes.  The streets of Sturgis are packed with bikes and vendors (719 vendors this year).

Even me, who's used to motorcycle rallies, was totally shocked seeing the volume of motorcycles in down town Sturgis.  They were everywhere!!

We had a WONDERFUL time in South Dakota, and Wyoming!  For people who do not live near these states, these are the nicest people!  Not only are the people nice, but the area is BEAUTIFUL!

I wish I had visited these states earlier in life and I would have moved there and raised my kids. I'm seriously thinking of moving - however, it would be hard to get the whole clan to move - and I rather attached to my children and grandchildren. 

At any rate, we stayed a place called Suzie's Campground, two miles from Sturgis. 

I like the way many of the signs are made from metal in Wyoming and South Dakota.

Here's a picture of our rig parked at Suzie's. There motto is "Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends".  So true!  This was a great place to stay.

Our Rig. - See the ramp for the motorcycle to be loaded?

And this was our view from our trailer
The picture (camera phone) really doesn't do this place justice. 
Oh,  just in case you were wondering, the bike made it there just fine.  We had the best time ever riding!  We didn't feel crowded as we rode because there are plenty of surrounding areas and cities to ride in.  We visited Rapid City - where I found a cool quilt shop.  Funny how I could see that Quilt Shop a mile away!! 

This is home to Pearl Louise.  She designs quilt patterns (real cute ones) and fabric too.  I course I bought some fabric.  I'll show you that in a different post.

We visited Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hickok was killed.  Supposedly he was holding the "Dead Man's Hand" while playing poker when he was shot. 

And we visited Lead located in the winding roads of the Black Hills.  It's a real fun historical town.  Calamity Jane lived there.

Black Hills is known for it's beautiful gold jewelry.  We took a tour of the factory to see how they make the jewelry.  It was very interesting. They add copper and zinc to get the gold in shades of pink and gold.

A ring we saw - but didn't buy.
I had no intention of buying anything, but then I found this watch - and at a super good price so I just couldn't resist. I had to take this baby home with me.

We had a great time.  I'm not sure which I like most, riding in the Black Hills and hiking to the different waterfalls or just spending nine whole days with my husband.  

Well, that's probably enough for today.  I'll show you the little bit of sewing I did while riding in the truck tomorrow. 

Happy August Sewing,



  1. Why didn't you tell me?!?!? Rapid City is my home town, and I spent my college nights drinking in Deadwood! The entire area depends on tourism, and the Sturgis Bike Rally is a huge boon to the economy each year. My Mom's final resting place is a National Cemetary just outside Sturgis. Ahhhh the memories. Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills Gold. Did you make it to Custer State Park? The Quilt Shop in Hill City? We were hoping to vacation there with my Dad in September, but life got in the way, so it won't be happening this year.

  2. Sunny, we stayed at Suzies Campground, right next to the National Cemetary. Geez, I'm not even surprised that you come from SD - you are one of the nicest persons I've met. Just like I was talking about in the post!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with your husband!

  4. We were in that area last May on our family vacation. It's a beautiful area and really hope to go again, but this time on our bike. =)

  5. Of course the people in SD are nice. lol So glad you enjoyed your time in the Hills. We have never been to the Bike Rally, but DH's sister lives in Sturgis. I love Pearl Louise's shop. There are many nice quilt shops in the area. Looks like you have a nice rig to vacation in.

  6. my hubs and son had a great time there too, and he noticed the quilt shop, which is impressive for a man! Not sure where he stayed there, one of the camp grounds, he said it was noisy and very crowded! They loved the surrounding country, much like some of Australia, but with huge mountains!

  7. I was also in Sturgis this year..spent my 50th birthday partying in downtown! We stayed in Spearfish...the scenery was amazing! Spearfish Canyon was beautiful and I loved spending time in Deadwood! It was supposed to be my "been there..done that" but now I can't wait to go back.

  8. The Black Hills are so wonderful. What an awesome trip you had. My husband did Sturgis a few years ago, and he said it's one of those things you have to do at least once in your life. So glad you got to have the experience. I haven't gotten to yet!