Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog Gone Good

Some people have donuts and coffee in the morning,

But not me!

Here's what I got this morning...

The cutest, calmest puppy.  He's was lost, poor little thing! Apparently for three days he was
living among the office bushes.

Today one of my co-workers found out about him and offered him a sandwich.  I offered him a nice place to stay - since my office is one of the few without carpet and a door. 

Within a hour or so we were able to find him a home with the cousin of one of the workers. Good! No Dog Pound for this Puppy.

YAY!!  A dog story with a happy ending.


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  1. What a handsome guy. Glad he has a home.

  2. Glad you found a home for him. Our youngest cat was found in the bush at hubby's office a few years back.

  3. So glad you were able to find a home for the pup! Thank you for caring for a little lost soul.

  4. He is so cute! Nice that he found a new home, hope he does well!

  5. What a cutie! So glad you all took care of him so well. :)

  6. He is adorable- so glad he will have a home.

  7. Oh how nice of you all to take care of him and then find this guy a good home.

  8. What a lucky dog! to be found by such caring people. I'm a big ol' softy for dogs! :o)

  9. Oh, is he a sweetie! Glad you guys found him and got him home. I bet his family was really happy!