Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The things you learn in BlogLand

One of the things people like about blogging is making new friends. I make a new friend when I started commenting on Sunny's Blog.   Or maybe it was because she was commenting on mine? At any rate, guess who found me on Sunny's blog?

Another Linda. Well, that in it's self is not that profound, after all, look how many Linda's are out there.

But come to find out she's also from my hometown. How cool is that??

And she also attends the same guild I do!!! Now that's really cool.

And our guild has two meeting: morning and night. Yep, you guessed it, we both attend the night meeting. Yet I don't believe we have met.  Maybe we have, I'll let you know when I see her. 
Well, that just too cool.

Okay - here's the best part. She has the coolest blog.

Go check her out.  

Believe me, it's really worth your time



  1. I hope it's the beginning of another wonderful friendship! Be sure to let us know when you meet up.

  2. I can't wait to meet you! I hope you will be attending guild next Thursday evening. I think we need to thank Sunny for bringing us together - lol!
    Thank you for your kind words about my blog :)

  3. What a coincidence!! :) Sunny was the first person to find my blog when I started it less than two weeks ago. I can tell from her comments that she's so friendly and welcoming. So great that the two of you found each other through her. :) (I am a Cali. girl too) Small world!

  4. What an amazing coincidence, when you think that bloggers come from all over the world!

    I have several blogging friends who are also friends in real life, but in each case I think we were friends before we were bloggers.

  5. There are a lot of Linda's around LOL, and a few Sunnys too!! That was quite a coincidence looking forward to hearing all about your meeting. I follow Linda at SS and I also follow Sunny.... small world. Linda

  6. Yes there are a lot of Lindas but they are lovley ladies.
    How wonderful to have met LINDA and to bee living in the same town and go to the same guild. Hope you become really good friends. I LOVE reading Linda's Blog each day.

  7. That is always fun! So happy for you!