Thursday, August 18, 2016

Getting Stuck (Little of This and That)

I keep wanting to write a new post and I keep getting stuck.

So - here goes:

I haven't really been sewing much, instead I've been focusing on grieving.  I think that's just the right thing to do; take my time grieving.  And since this started as a sewing blog - I feel I should mostly post about that.  And of course the way blogs work is people mostly post about good things happening in their lives.  Not death!
Of course with Mark's death, and then my Mom's - what do you thing is most on my mind?

On a different note:
My baby sister sent me this picture taken a couple years ago.  She is on the left, me on the right.
We always have so much fun together.  In fact we decided to go camping together at the end of August.  
Then my big sister (sorry I don't have a picture of her) decided to come out to California and spend some time.  So now she will be going with us!  Is that cool are what?

And you know little Serena thinks she will be going away to Mission Training and then off to some foreign county.  (Yeah, well it looks like she might be right about that!  She's raised almost all the money.)  She will be leaving in September.  
Here's a picture of Serena when she was little with her Daddy. She was cute as a button. 
When they are little you have such high hopes for them.  I'm so happy with the person she has grown up to be.

Serena is also teaching Marzipan to play soccer.  Yep - it's possible because Neptune does.  She will field the ball, keep it rolling to make a goal, or chasing it down.  The idea is for her to push with her nose - not bite the ball.

Here's Marzipan's first lesson

Marzipan is a toy poodle - we had just gotten her groomed partly because I wanted her to look like a poodle. We were still at Petco, when a man came by and asked what kind of dog she is.  
Uh...that didn't work out - I guess she still looks like a mutt.  

(Marzipan taking selfies with Lily in the background )

My Last Picture:  
 We were swimming and I look over and there is my oldest daughter, she is swimming around like this!  
(Really, you wouldn't know by her actions she's the oldest!)

Well, lookie here - I was able to write a post after all!

Happy Stitching,

Friday, July 29, 2016

Our Oregon Trip

Well, I see it's been a while since I've come here to write.  I took a week off to go visit my mom up in Oregon.  
Rosanna, Mom - in the center, and Angela
Taken a couple years ago. 
I knew that she was not doing that well since her stroke in April.  But I didn't know she would die the week I was there.  
How sad is that?  
But then I have to look at the big picture and praise God that he mercifully took her. 
Bird Bath at Mom's house. 

It was so fun to see her.  She couldn't speak loud enough for me to hear her but I was able to kiss her face and tell her I loved her and what a wonderful Mom she was to me.  She smiled so big when her granddaughters were in the room with her.  She loved her granddaughters.  And Serena made her laugh when she prayed and thanked God for giving her a "loud Grandma".   

I will always treasure my last visits with Mom.  She just the best thing since sliced bread.  But I bet she was older than sliced bread.  Wait here - I'll look it up.    It came out in 1928 and mom was born in the 30s.   So she is the best thing since sliced bread!

While we were there - we did a lot of visiting with Erik.  He's such a cool guy.  They have been married about 30 years.
Major Visiting going on here - Erik, Me, and my daughters, Serena and Angela.

Here's a funny that happened to us.  Using the GPS on her phone, we tried to find the Skate Park. (My daughter Serena wanted to skateboard - since they have a different style of parks there than we have.)  Well, it took us to the center of a Freeway overpass!  


And then it occurred to Serena - the Park was directly UNDER the overpass!
See?  Right under the freeway!!

Serena  - doing her thing - Skating!

See how they painted murals on the support columns to the freeway.
Rosanna - hanging out watching Serena skate
Way Cool, Right?

Hospice was great!  They really took great care of my Mom, making her more comfortable.  They also brought in a little bed quilt.
I'm sure it came from the local quilt guild or one of the local churches. It totally transformed the room, bringing life and color into it. And making the place more homey.  

Another funny thing that happened to us was Angela cracked an egg to cook for Rosanna.  Check this out.

Doesn't that look like a dove?

How about now? 
We thought that was so cool.  
Especially since birds are one of my Mom's favorites.

We did take some time to go antique shopping.

 Sometimes I just enjoy wandering these places.  

There's also the Skinner House 

 Check out those stairs!  Such a cool house.  

 This is all we were able to see of it.  It was closed at 1:00 and we happened across it at 1:03.  But we still enjoyed the hike up to it!

So that about wraps it up for this post.

Hope to see you next week!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Aquarium Fun

Lily climbed up these rocks and Violet helped her.  I thought they were so cute, I'd take a picture, that's when I realized there's a huge wave behind them.   It's staged - it's just painted on the wall.  How cool is that?  And look at those faces?  I love this picture.  

This was taken at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  (That's in Long Beach, California.)

Wonderful place - so fun.  Especially with 4 grand kids in tow.

It was the nice break I've needed.  

They had these blue jelly fish that glow in the dark.  They were about the size of a fist.
The jelly fish move so gracefully, and slowly.  So totally cool.
That's my daughter Serena in looking at the them. 

 I noticed some sharks swim quickly and some swim very slowly - this guy with all the teeth was a slow-poke.  It made him seem so calculating, and predatory.  
Can you believe the size of these seahorses?
They were so cute and adorable with their little tails hanging on to the plants and even other fish.
No trip to the aquarium would be complete without a tickle-time.  Yep - little Lily is getting it good.   

Now back to sewing?

Okay - see you soon,


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Starting to Quilt - Starting a New Life

I don't think you will believe me.
However, I'm going to quilt on Angela's quilt.

Am I right?  You don't believe me?

Yesterday spent forever setting things up for it.  I spent so long that I didn't even quilt!
I had to find everything!  The thread, my walking foot, boards to make my chair higher, etc, etc.
Then I couldn't for the life of me get that walking foot on. 
I must have tried 8 different times.  So I went to find the Babylock walking foot (thinking perhaps I had switched them up) just to be sure I had the correct one.  
Yep, I had the right one. And finally it went on correctly.  I don't know what the problem was. 

Now I'm ready to go.

It's a start!

Happy Quilting,

Oh - and just in case you are wondering how I'm doing.  I haven't been blogging or reading many blogs.  I haven't been sewing much. I've adjusting to life without Mark.
Learning the trash schedule - how to clean the pool filter - and a million other things.

Here's the new me - not sewing but doing fence estimates!

My daughter, Rosanna and I are running Mark's fence business.
It's Scary!  However, it's also fun.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lookie What I did - Pinterest Fun!

I have to make some items to sale for Serena's fundraiser.

I've been on Pinterest for years. I thought I would make the item that has been repined the most.  That makes sense right?

I gathered my supplies
 Have you seen the pin before?  Can you guess what I did?

I hot glued those animals to the lids and spray painted them.  

Yep - I think they are pretty cute.
And so EASY too.
Now I'll see how well they sale. Pinterest don't let me down.

Do we have a winner here?


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life as it Continues On...

Well, it's been 2 months since Mark passed away.
Enough time for me to what?  Adjust?  Stop crying?  Learn which day to take the trash cans to the curb? 

No to all of the above.

There's still a huge list of things that ought to be done. And maybe, someday I'll complete it.
Things like changing over bank accounts.  I'm just not ready to take his name off of some items. 
What can I say - that's the way it works for me.

Speaking of working.  Both my toilets decided to stop flushing on the same day.  REALLY? 

 You have to admit that is just too funny.  Luckily I do have a distant-sort-of-relative that is sort-of a handyman.  So he came over and 4 1/2 hours later I had two working toilets again. 
Working toilets are such a blessing!

So while I've been trying to just exist and make it through each day - my daughter (age 20) had been learning to actually live life.  
We have great news!
She has been accepted in a mission program.  It's a 6 month program, 3 months of training and 3 of mission work.

She will need to fund-raise $6,500.00 for the trip.
Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. We have not been involved in fundraising before. 

And Little Marzipan has learned to "sit".  
Marzipan, Neptune and Little Lily waiting for Grandma (that's me!) to come back.

So have a blessed day.
Sew if you want to.
As for me - I'll just have to count my blessings.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Saddest Post Ever

This is my saddest post ever. 
It's taken me over a month to even start it.

My beloved husband, Mark, died very unexpectedly last month.
I've wondered should I say anything on my blog - it's so awful to love someone so deeply, and to just post a few words. That seems trivial.  And do a whole memorial wouldn't do him justice either.  
Well, I did say in my last post, I would probably have another excuse for not finishing Angela's quilt - and yeah this is it.  One of the first things I did was throw her quilt and the machine in the closet.  (NEVER had my machine been in closet.)  I spend so many happy, relaxed hours sewing while Mark sat by me or watched TV with me.  I just couldn't face that quilt.  (The fact that it's black doesn't help either.)

So do you want to hear about Mark?  What kind of man he was?
Mark and Serena 2015
I'll start by telling you this - some of you may not believe it but it's the truth.

I was getting ready for church when God told me that I was going to meet my husband.  NOPE - NO WAY - I told God I didn't want another one of those!
I even considered not going to church - but I did and met several new men.
(Ha Ha God very funny)

Well, that night at church I wanted to listen to the service and get the heck out of dodge.  But someone stopped me at the door - and that gave Mark just enough time to dish me up a plate of food. Well, there I was stuck.  Here's this nice guy with a plate of food - so I was polite, ate and ran. 

But he did get my number, we talked, dated and married. (you sort of knew that part didn't you?)

Mark always was the best husband.  We had a little unspoken game called "see who could be the kindest, sweetest, more caring to each other".  He was so good at it - I could barely keep up with him.
We told each other every day how much we loved each other and how thankful we were to God for each other. 

I like that Mark was such a hard worker.  He always had to have a goal - usually something materialist to work for.  A Harley Motorcycle, our pool, the house.  Didn't really matter what - just something.
You know, I went through his things and one of the things I found was a certificate for a 6-week bible study class we attended. It was something he had worked for, something he had earned; He was proud of that. 
I am so thankful I married a Christian man.  

I remember one lunch (we had lunch together almost EVERY SINGLE DAY OF of our 22 years of marriage.) we met a young woman and she had problems.  He explained what turning his life over to God had done for him, and suggested she do the same.  This sort of thing often happened.  He wasn't shy about his faith, yet didn't push it on people. I admired that about him. 

  He truly was such a good honest man. 
He would say it was so that God could bless us.  You know, I think he's right.  
He wouldn't cheat at anything - (expect board games! Which made us all mad or made us laugh.)
I remember when Mark bought the Harley - paid cash - saved it up, working hard.  And I was so worried!  What kind of man had I married?  Would he be a stereotypical biker? No - He had such a gentle soul.  And we had so many wonderful rides and good times on that bike. 

Mark is really the love of my life.  We hung out together all the time.  We swam in the pool and walked the dogs.  We camped and went to Vegas.  We cooked dinner together, raised our daughters, enjoyed our grandchildren.  Went to the grocery store together - I went on his job estimates, and set up jobs with him on the weekends.  We just loved being together.  
There will never be another Mark - there will never be someone who loves me unconditionally like he did.  

 He was in so much pain, he could barely enjoy life.  I'm thankful to God that he took him in such a kind way - he died in his sleep - it was his heart.  
So while I happy that he is no longer in pain, life has not been the same without him.