Saturday, August 19, 2017

Working Those Waves

I have all my blocks finished!

And then I sewed up some rows

And then I sewed those rows together....
and noticed that BIG GLARING ERROR.
(last wave block on the third row - right hand side.)

I could live with the little errors on the first wave block on the top and the second wave block on the second row.  But not that last wave.  So I checked on the rows and I have a total of 4 blocks to re-do.  Bummer Man - Bummer.

And to get these was a work out - Marzipan came getting in the way! As were my toes. 
As were my toes. 

At least this was a good picture of her face.
 So off to my machine I go. LOL

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Address - Book Review (It's a Good One!)

 I have to tell you about this book I just read.
When I saw the cover I thought this will be a nice read, like maybe one of those old fashioned stories I used to read.  Simple stories with one plot and then that's the end.   

But it's a whole different story here.
This book delivers a wonderful, entertaining and "oh no that just didn't happen!" story. 

This story is about Sara coming over to America in the 1880s and Bailey just getting out of rehab in the 1980s. Of course the two stories converge - making a complete story, which Davis does very well. 

Davis' story just carried me along, alternating between the two women in two different time frames. Then there would be a twist that I would not see coming and then another and another. Very enjoyable. There were cultural/social issues that characters dealt with and Davis' did a remarkable job inserting these into the story line and having these issues move the story along. Davis is a good storyteller. 

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Publishing Group - however, this did not influence my review.  It is so nice to find a good author and I plan to buy her previous book, The Dollhouse. 


Thursday, July 27, 2017

I really have to laugh at myself

 I didn't leave fabric for my seam allowance between the blocks!
 I just cut on the line like I thought I should.

You know, I probably should have watched the last 5 mins of that tutorial video.  Or maybe I should have actually read the instructions in the magazine. 

So who's happy they have a brand spanking new seam ripper?
This girl!  Hahaha I was removing the four outer corners, (which I will replace with larger pieces thank goodness I don't have to re-do the whole blocks) I sat and watched foundation piecing tutorials.  How ironic is that?  

The first video I had watched (and didn't finish) said to crease along the fold line that way you know where to place your fabric, which really worked for me.   
With that crease I knew exactly where to place my next piece of fabric. 
Another video suggested the "Add 1/4 inch ruler" to cut the extra fabric.
I liked that idea - but I don't have that ruler 
and I have already got used to using scissors. 

I finally convinced my daughter and son-in-law to leave me with Elora.  She's almost over 5 months and this is the first time she has left her anywhere.

You know I enjoyed her!

It's rather warm hot here and one day I came home to this.
Hahaha - Silly dogs. 

Okay now it's time to go sew...
Happy Linda

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ocean Waves

I didn't think doing this foundation piecing would be hard. 
that was before...I really dove in.
When I went to look at the instructions in the magazine - where is nothing about what size pieces to use for each section.  Also I couldn't understand what she was saying - it was so confusing in my mind.

I sat down with my fabric - thought about it - and laid the foundation piece right side down. Then my fabric on top right side up.  Flipped it over.  Okay - now we are getting some where.  I figured it out and sewed a few pieces.  

Then went to YouTube and watched a bit of a video to confirm it.  Darn that video was 9 mins. long and I couldn't wait that long! So after getting my confirmation that I was on the right track I made one block.

Yeah BABY!
Now that's a wave!

I made note what size was needed for each fabric piece, cut a bunch of pieces and made another wave block.
Now I have waves!

Those blocks took a long time.  But now that I have a system (and cut pieces) it should go quicker.   My third block took ONE hour.  And I haven't even ripped the paper out.  But the thing is we are suppose to be having fun.  And I AM!
Can you feel that ocean rolling in?  

Okay - let's go sew,
Happy Linda

Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Turtle and Waves

I'm so excited about my little turtles.  I have them all stitched up.
Not in the picture - of course I don't have picture with them all done.  

I went yesterday and bought the fabric for the wave blocks.
I have not been fabric shopping in sooooo long.  
I've been so good about not buying fabric, that I bought all of these without a sale!  
Oh dear - and I didn't even care.

What started this quilt was I saw Lisa Boyer on TV sewing these turtles (years ago - I mean years and years ago.)  I thought it looked like so much fun.  Well fast forward a hundred years - er well not quite that many years and I found her pattern in a old quilt magazine at the library.  Cool right.  So  fast forward a couple more years (maybe a decade?) and we get to me making her turtles. Only I stuffed them.  (What a good idea Linda !  Thank you.  I thought so too.)

And today I printed of the foundation paper for paper piecing the waves.
I has done paper piecing with 3 pieces - so this shouldn't be much harder.

Well, I'm looking forward to sewing.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, July 7, 2017

3rd Qtr FAL

Time to make my Qtr 3 list for 

#1 Turtles 

#2 Quilt Serena's Quilt

#3 Ryan McKenna's bird house pattern

#4 Quilt Love & Blessings Quilt
(Where is that picture? I'm still looking - sorry)

Now let's go have fun sewing,

Wait!  Wait!  One more!
I almost forgot.
#5 Poodle Quilt Block


Oh Goodie it's FNWF time again.

I have good company on the internet sewing and creating away,
and at home with all these turtles swimming around.

I love diving into my threads - I love picking the best color.

Come here Little Turtle - it's your turn to be stitched! 
My co-worker suggested that I put this quilt in the County Fair.  Hmmm...that would require me actually WORKING on it and FINISHING it by August!  Of this year!
I may accept that challenge.  

UPDATE:  I had a wonderful time stitching these up.
Funny thing, I couldn't remember how to do a zigzag stitch in my machine. What the what??? I had to get out the manual. (Oh brothers!). 

Also I did finish up the Bralette in the month of June.   
But honestly, I'm not happy with it.  I didn't use the correct lace - Joann's didn't have it. I cut it too big, then too small, added fabric, recut it to fit.  And then just I don't know...just didn't like it.

And I worked with my new Clarity Clear Ruler Foot.
It was so easy to put on and use.  I did use this Thang - because that's what one does when they are too excited to wait for a ruler that is sitting only two feet away.  Hahaha   I did also used that real ruler. The Clarity Clear Ruler is easy to get the hang of.  

Okay - can you stand just one  more picture?
I love having Serena in my life - look what fun things she does to our dog.  Purple feet!

Happy FNWF Stitching,