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Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Turtle and Waves

I'm so excited about my little turtles.  I have them all stitched up.
Not in the picture - of course I don't have picture with them all done.  

I went yesterday and bought the fabric for the wave blocks.
I have not been fabric shopping in sooooo long.  
I've been so good about not buying fabric, that I bought all of these without a sale!  
Oh dear - and I didn't even care.

What started this quilt was I saw Lisa Boyer on TV sewing these turtles (years ago - I mean years and years ago.)  I thought it looked like so much fun.  Well fast forward a hundred years - er well not quite that many years and I found her pattern in a old quilt magazine at the library.  Cool right.  So  fast forward a couple more years (maybe a decade?) and we get to me making her turtles. Only I stuffed them.  (What a good idea Linda !  Thank you.  I thought so too.)

And today I printed of the foundation paper for paper piecing the waves.
I has done paper piecing with 3 pieces - so this shouldn't be much harder.

Well, I'm looking forward to sewing.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, July 7, 2017

3rd Qtr FAL

Time to make my Qtr 3 list for 

#1 Turtles 

#2 Quilt Serena's Quilt

#3 Ryan McKenna's bird house pattern

#4 Quilt Love & Blessings Quilt
(Where is that picture? I'm still looking - sorry)

Now let's go have fun sewing,

Wait!  Wait!  One more!
I almost forgot.
#5 Poodle Quilt Block


Oh Goodie it's FNWF time again.

I have good company on the internet sewing and creating away,
and at home with all these turtles swimming around.

I love diving into my threads - I love picking the best color.

Come here Little Turtle - it's your turn to be stitched! 
My co-worker suggested that I put this quilt in the County Fair.  Hmmm...that would require me actually WORKING on it and FINISHING it by August!  Of this year!
I may accept that challenge.  

UPDATE:  I had a wonderful time stitching these up.
Funny thing, I couldn't remember how to do a zigzag stitch in my machine. What the what??? I had to get out the manual. (Oh brothers!). 

Also I did finish up the Bralette in the month of June.   
But honestly, I'm not happy with it.  I didn't use the correct lace - Joann's didn't have it. I cut it too big, then too small, added fabric, recut it to fit.  And then just I don't know...just didn't like it.

And I worked with my new Clarity Clear Ruler Foot.
It was so easy to put on and use.  I did use this Thang - because that's what one does when they are too excited to wait for a ruler that is sitting only two feet away.  Hahaha   I did also used that real ruler. The Clarity Clear Ruler is easy to get the hang of.  

Okay - can you stand just one  more picture?
I love having Serena in my life - look what fun things she does to our dog.  Purple feet!

Happy FNWF Stitching,

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Yep. Every little bit helps. And this was only a little bit of sewing. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Little Sewing and This & That

Yes, I did get my bralette cut out.  No, I did not sew it up yet.
I've been very busy spraying weeds in the south 40.  Which by the way I measured and it's 150 ft by 80.  So that's a lot of square feet. 

Remember the creepy bunny picture?  Well, the last straw was early in the morning,  I was half asleep getting in my car to go to work and THERE IS WAS!  Yikes!  
It scared me so bad.  
I told Serena Enough!  She was the winner.  

My flowers in my yard are blooming and looking so pretty.  

They are doing their best to make life more enjoyable. 

As is Marzipan.  She loves sleeping (or resting) on top of her raccoon.

And lastly, Serena made these soaps today.  Aren't they cool?
Oh and that is Cosmo - the fish Angela gave me for Mother's Day.  Serena is teaching him tricks.  (Sounds crazy right?  But she is.)

Okay - that's all I have for today.
Happy Stitching,
Linda - enjoying the silly things in life. 

Friday, May 5, 2017


So this Friday Night  I have plans to cut out my little Bralette for sewing with

I asked at my local fabric store for stretch lace and they didn't have any. But we were not even looking in the right place.  We were not in the lace section.  So I bought this polyester lacey looking stuff.     
I thought it was so pretty.  I love the light pink. 
 And WhooHoo I even found stretchy lace elastic to go with it.

And on a different note:
My daughter gave me a picture of my grandchildren with the Easter Bunny.
(All you people that think I'm nice.  You are about to learn the truth!)
I DON'T like this picture I think it's CREEPY!

  I decide to try to creep out my other daughter with it.
First I put it on her bed.  Then she put in on my sewing machine.  (Good one Serena!)
So this morning I put it in front of her makeup in the bathroom. 
We'll see where it is when I get home. 

Have fun sewing, and if you have anything creepy please don't send it to me.

Linda - enjoying sewing with friends

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eric's Quilt & Need Some Ideas

Yes!  I did it.  I got this quilt sewn and in the mail.

Happy Dance!!
This is not my usual style of quilt (squares and more squares) however, in this case done is better than spectacular.  I'm telling you, the recipient is older and would not live long enough for me to send what I would really like.   I like that this is a lap quilt - the scripture verses should be a joy for him.

Now on to my next project.  

Another panel.  Yikes.  I already know I'm not crazy about panel quilts. 
  This panel is for Rosanna.  She is crazy about the artist, Van Gogh and loves  - The Starry Night.  (the top left picture.)  So when I found this panel I bought it, thinking I would make her a quilt for her bed.

Now I need your help.  Her bed is a Queen - the panel is about 45 x 18. At first I was thinking of cutting brick shape rectangles out of different batiks with black in between the bricks and spreading these pictures around intermittently throughout the bricks.  Now I'm wondering if that's a viable idea. Do I have enough pictures to spread throughout?

Do you have any ideas of what I can do?

Happy Stitching,

Linda, enjoying the triumph of a finished project.

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