Friday, November 1, 2019

Cleaning Up

Our carpet is in!  The guys worked until 8:30 at night.
Yikes I bet they were tired
We have quite a bit of the furniture to put back into place
But not the sewing room yet - well, of course not as I'm switching the rooms.
So it doesn't look much better than before.
However! I'm not discouraged yet. I have motivation!
I want to do Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Frolic and I already told myself.  No sewing until this room is together.  
I don't know which furniture will stay in here, or how to organize it. 
My sewing machines are still in the garage with more sewing stuff.
So this is my plan for this weekend.  Now, I may cave in and doing some hand stitching after all it is Gone Sitchin' FNwF.

Have Fun Sewing,

Monday, October 21, 2019

Chaos in the Sewing Room

Remember that guy I married, Bruce?  Yeah him.  Did you know that he comes up with some dosey of ideas?  Like the idea of switching my sewing and guest room.  Oh that sounds great at first!
But when you consider my sewing room is not just a sewing room, but another guest room, exercise, kid play room and over all junk room it would be a lot of  work.  
 Oh you know the story: I've been accumulating things for 15 - 20 years. 
Let's get real, more like 25 - 30 years.
 In fact my sewing room is soooo bad I haven't used it as a sewing room in over 10 years.  AND it has even spilled over into the garage and my bedroom.
So I went and got a box and started sorting. 
 Then Mr. "Good Idea" came up with another one. 
Let's get new carpet!  Yeah, he's right.  We do need new carpet.
 So that's what I've been doing the past couple weeks. Sorting, packing, tossing and giving away stuff. And it's starting to clear out. 
 Carpet will be laid down this Friday and my whole house is getting a bare look about it.  I've been going through ALL the drawers and cupboards. 

I'll have some after pictures soon.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Wedding

As you know we took a trip to Colorado for my daughter's wedding.
Honestly, I'm wowed over what a beautiful bride she is.
I'm so pleased with whom she has chosen to marry. They are so liked minded - both so calm and serene, hard working and with a heart for missionary work. He is just the best, and now I have a new son! 
This is the easiest way to get a another son! Hahaha
She wore a 65 year old dress.  It has been handed down from mother in law to daughter in law 3 times now.  How sweet and wonderful is that?

The lace is so old on this dress and rips so easily that she had to have another for the reception. You know, to dance in and enjoy the party in.  Which is currently all the rage - if you watch say Yes to the Dress.   
They got married outside on top a mountain.  I mean ON TOP THE MOUNTAIN.  We had to drive up a winding dirt road. 
It was so beautiful up there. And there were wild flowers EVERYWHERE.  

Steven walked both me and his mother down the aisle. Right before we walked down, she told me that she did not have time to do her hair. I looked and saw it was still wet.  Now the thing I know about her is that she gets distracted and needs helpful hints to keep on a time schedule, i.e. nagging.  Hahaha. You just have to love someone like that! Her son is getting married - and she didn't get her hair done in time.  I actually do love her, she is one of my favorite persons.  God has made each one of us so unique. 
Serena being such a dear heart asked Bruce to walk her down the aisle. He was so proud to do so.  He does consider her his daughter, even though we have only been married 1 1/2 years.  
During the wedding rehearsal I was crying my eyes out because Mark was not here to walk his daughter down the aisle.  However, there was a healing moment for me when I realized this is not by chance, the people at the wedding were the ones God wanted there. I do trust in God's wisdom and His design. 

 Oh course there are always little funny things that happen at a wedding, and as soon as Bruce handed her off to the groom and to his seat, she called him back and stole his silk pocket hankie as she was having trouble holding back her tears of joy.

Another thing that happened was - I accidentally took my dog to the wedding.  (Like how would one accidentally take a dog to a wedding?) I do not think dogs should be at a wedding.  Well, maybe if the dogs are getting married.  Hahaha.  But we didn't have a place to leave little Marzipan except for in the truck in the heat. I was hoping to find someplace or somewhere safe but couldn't - and she ended up in attendance. 

At least she had the good sense to dress for the occasion.
She also attended the reception.  Good thing she is such a good dog. AND good thing my daughter and new son are easy going - they didn't mind.  

On the morning of the wedding 
the bride and groom met without seeing each other
by keeping the building between them.

 They talked a bit and prayed together. Awww - it was so sweet. 

So now my little girl is off and married, having her own life.  I'm so happy for her.  

There is one more thing to tell you about and that is this yellow truck that we borrowed from Steven's parents.  OH MY GOSH!  It's old, it's a stick, the brakes were not good, the seat belt was torn and barely hanging in there and it had not been used in a year!  And I LOVED it.
Of course it stalled out on me soooo many times.  

My daughter, Rosanna, was taking a picture of the deer in this photo - do you see him?  Rosanna laughing told me she was taking a picture of me stalling out.  Which I did three times before I could get it moving. 

 This yellow truck had been used by every member in Steven's family - so when each one saw the truck anywhere up on those winding roads, they would come over and introduce themselves knowing we were part of the family. It really does stand out.  

So now, let's get back to sewing,

Friday, September 6, 2019

Enjoying FNwF

While I was on vacation and being the Mother of the Bride,
I went to Estes Park to the Stitching Den.  Oh...what a lovely little shop

Now what are the chances of me going to a quaint little town and find a quilting shop? (Never happens.) AND Bruce wanting to go in with me? 

I bought this kit.  It is part of a row by row.  
They only had TWO left!
AND I love it and so did Bruce.  SCORE.

Then he found what he called "cute" fabric.  Oh Yeah.  I'm buying anything my husband calls cute!  

It is cute isn't it?

 He immediately had the idea to make some pillows for the motor home.  Sure!  I'll make anything as long as I get to buy fabric. 
And he found more.
I really had a great time buying fabric with him.  

So for FNSI I'm working on the row by row wall hanging kit. 
It has applique in it and this is the THIRD time I have bought Heat&Bond.  
I can never find my other packages. Hahaha

I'm also working on wildflower project at the same time.  
Just jumping from one to the other as the mood strikes me. 

Come join us at GONE STITCHIN'


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

My RVing Project

I knew I would take an embroidery project on the RV trip we will be taking.
I found this on Pinterest for inspiration. 

And this one 
And then I happened to go by Hobby Lobby, some how found myself in the fabric section.  And some how fabric and lace followed me home.  (It's okay they were on sale - 30 percent off!)

This one is my favorite.

This one is not the best, I won't use this combo.

 I like this lace with this fabric - but not for this project.

This is pretty, I might use this.

Aww now we are cooking - I like this combo. 

I'm not sure how I'll do these.  I'm thinking of making a pillow with embroidered flowers and using the lace.  And I also have that lace I cut from Serena's dress - big wide pieces with flowers.

This lace will really work - and then I could give it to Serena as a housewarming present.  

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Gardener & Dress Woes

When we got married Bruce decided that we would be using his gardener, because he was so good and had been working for him for years - and they were actually friends. 

And for over a year the gardener was GREAT.  Just the best.  Until the day he didn't show up - well, we are easy going, we don't care if he skips a week or even two.  But he didn't show up the next week, nor the next.  In fact he skipped a whole month.  

Then, to add insult to injury, he showed up to borrowed money with the promise to repay it the next day.  Of course Hubby lent him some, after all they were friends - so Bruce thought.  And.... we never saw him again.   Nope he never showed up again and his phone is disconnected.  

So we had to hire a new gardener.  He didn't work out.  He was snippy with Bruce.  Well, snippy is not the right word.  He was rude.  So after a month we paid him and hired a new guy.  New guy didn't do the work he agreed to do so after a month we paid him and now we are on to Gardener #3.

He came out on Sunday,  I hired him and then I got to thinking......he looked familiar.  Hmmm....after several days I remember.  My late husband, Mark, had hired him years ago - like 12 years ago.  I had three little dogs at the time and picked up in the morning before he came.  BUT little dogs do not care and would sometimes poop again before he got there.  You know what he did????  Threw the poop in the pool! That is so disgusting and unsanitary!  I can not believe that I hired him again!  

So - I think we will be moving on to Gardener #4 before too long.  Bruce says just let him do the yard for a month and see how he does. 

In sewing news.....
I hemmed Bruce's dress pants - not hard to do. They look very nice.  THEN he gained weight.  And now the pants are slightly short.  No problem, I'll just let them down a bit. 

I have been hemming & making alterations to the bridesmaid dresses.  Two of the girls gained so much weight the zipper will not close.  So it's to a true seamstress they have to go.  

What's up with my family gaining weight?

The wedding is just two weeks away - Just say no to the ice cream please!

Happy Stitching,