Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I've been doing...

I haven't been sewing that much this week.  Instead, I've been doing some relaxing and also some planning on my quilts.

I've been looking through my older magazines. 

and I found this idea for a setting for Angela's quilt.  (I still haven't worked on the Feathered Star - but I will!!)  I could put that feathered star in the middle and the other stars around.  Yes, this could work.

and while I'm just showing pictures, I'll show you this apron I made for my daughter for her birthday. 

I loved the fabric with the oranges!  And since is was for my "artist" I got to go a little wild with the black and white squares, polk-a-dots and rick-rack. 

And while we are on the subject of rick-rack, I have to tell you a little funny.  The first time I said "rick-rack"  my 15 year old, laughed and ran to the computer and looked the word up.  She thought for sure I had just made the word up!!!   

Happy August Sewing,



  1. Rick - rack it is a funny word. You know how sometimes if say a word too many times it doesn't sound like a word anymore? This is one of those words for sure.

  2. I guess our generation had strange words, well maybe several generations before us. Like the orange and black apron, bet your daughter does too.

  3. I guess rick-rack isn't in the younger generation's vocaulary - they just don't know what they are missing - lol. Great apron!

  4. Love the apron.. so cute.. and rick-rack..LOVE!!! Loved it as a little girl and still do.. just something about it.. :)

  5. Cute apron! And I love your idea for the feathered star! I think that will work out just awesome!