Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sewing in my lap

Before I left I on vacation I sewed up the background for my civil war block.

Then as I was traveling through - oh which state was that?  Nevada?  Arizona? Utah?  No Utah is just too pretty to sew through.  It was Wyoming. Which is pretty but I still sewed.  

I enjoyed finishing this one up.

And here's Mister Penguin before the trip.

I cut his head off.  Rather satisfying I must admit.

And Mister Penguin after I restitched it on.  (and with a beak)

I'm a happier with his new look.  Now for some eyes, feet, wings etc.

Okay so I didn't do much sewing on vacation - but really - I can't sew on a motorcycle!  I'm not that talented!!  Hahaha!
Happy August Stitching.



  1. Wonderful block! I think you need to rename Mr Penguin to Mrs Penguin with all those pretty flowers and pink - lol!

  2. WOW!! I see you have been busy trekking aound your beautiful country just like me in my part of the world.
    I did get a look of Hexies sewn as I was in the car. Would be very hard on the back of the bike.

  3. I can't sew in the car, either. I get carsick. I tend to knit instead. :-) Looks like you got some good stuff done, though!