Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blocks and bikes

Okay it's not much - just 32 squares cut.  Little by little... it is going to get done.  Molly says not to stress over this block - that she is going to help us ride this horse home.  (Isn't that saying cute?) 

I sort of want to work on it tonight after work - but my hubby and I have a different kind of horse we would like to ride.  Our iron horse.

View from our bike
We plan to ride the motorcycle to a local restaurant.  They have the best fish dinners on Wednesdays.  My mouth is already watering.  LOL!!!

And just in case you are wondering - I don't ride myself.  Only behind my hubby.  Not after I rode a bike through a fence.  It seemed like the best option since I didn't know where the brakes were and on the other side was a deep ditch.  Hahaha!!!

So...since we usually don't hang out there too long. I might get some more cutting done. 



  1. oooh, the dinner sounds yummy. i love fish and chips, with a beer~that's the best~have a great nite!

  2. I only ride pillion too, much too complicated for me and anyway I am the one who can have a glass of wine with no arguments about who is driving!!

  3. Love the purple and black combo. Hope your fish dinner was delicious!

  4. Again, so jealous of the bike. I like riding my scooter. We are hoping someday I'll get a Canam eventually to ride. But I really enjoy riding on the back.