Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lots of fun stuff done in June

Okay time for a recap of June for the Kelly's Charming Girls Club.  It's nice to set goals and even nicer to finish them.

So first up I turned this fabric

into this nightie

And finished up these make-up bags

And participated in Judy's UFO Challenge, thereby completing this Watercolor star quilt - YAY!!!

And finished up Eight (Yes, I did say EIGHT!) of the Civil War blocks and a big whoohoo because that makes me current on that project. (I won't show them here - as that's too much.)

The month of June had the easiest block ever - boy was this ever easy! These were completed for the Block Lotto.

And the hardest block ever. 

June also opened up one of my UFO quilt boxes - So fun to see these blocks again! And start thinking about what I need in order to to finish it up.

I received some good advice for completing the UFO - to just do one block a week on this until I get it finished.  I like that.

Also June is Violet's Birthday - check out this little princess with her Barbie Doll cake. She's now 4!

And it was a spending time with family.

Even if my daughter does look like she's saying "Can we please just get this picture taking over with!"
This was taken at the M&M Factory in Vegas. 

And this one was taken in front of the Harley Davidson Cafe.  (Cool bike huh?)

Okay so tell us what you did and link your post to Kelly's blog.



  1. You have a lot to show for June------Congratulations. Love your show and tell.

  2. Your hardest block ever looks fantastic! How did you make it? The outer four squares make sense to me that you would make them seperate, but then the middle confuses me on the order of assembly. It looks great and you got so much done!! Congrats.