Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pawn Stars (More fun in Vegas)

Have you seen that show Pawn Stars on TV?  Well, since we were in Vegas, we decided to stop in and see what was going on in the Pawn Stars shop.  Along with 50 other people!  I really wasn't surprised it was very crowded.  And I wasn't surprised that there were very few sales happening.  I wasn't even surprised that the stars of the show were not there.

They had stuff there - like you would expect at a pawn shop. 

And stuff you wouldn't expect.  Like this car hood painted with one of the stars on it.  (Sorry I don't remember his name.)

They had lots of items with the Pawn Shop stars on them :T-shirts, bobble head dolls, drinking glasses. That was about the only thing selling in the shop.  They even had bottled water with their label on it. 

So after a while it was announced that the shop would be closing for filming.  That's when the stars of the show would come in and pretend to buy stuff.  Everyone that comes in to sell on the show has already been in before and it is pre-arranged for them to come back and be filmed.  So we left.  We could have stayed and waited in line to be filmed as customers browsing in the store.  But they only allow a few people in at a time.  We thought it would be more fun to run around Vegas than to maybe see the stars and hope we could get in.  After all they weren't expecting the stars to even show for another 40 minutes. Too long for someone like me.  :-)

Me and Mark on top the Stratosphere (about 1140 feet high)


  1. I can't believe they sell Pawn Stars sovereigns. : )

  2. Good choice. There is far more to see in Vegas than the Pawn Shop. LOL. The Forum Shops are always fun. My favorite quilt shop is on Dugango :D have fun