Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Knockout Blocks by Judy Martin

I like looking through my old magazines.  I have found most of mine at the library's book sales.  Someone else's old magazines are new to me.  
 Quilter's Newsletter is one of my favorites.  Did you know that Judy Martin used to edit and write articles for them?  So in this issue are some of the blocks she has designed. 

Here's the block I'm going to make and the fabrics cut out.  This will be for Angela's quilt.  (The black and purple one that I have do idea how I'm going to put together.)

Before I ever started quilting I bought a book by Judy Martin called Scrap Quilts.  This was way back in  1985.  I looked and looked through it and hoped someday to make a quilt from it.  If I'm tired I'll put it out and relax as I look.  So for 26 years I've been looking at her book and still haven't made a quilt from it.  LOL!!  However, that book has help me so much - I've never even read it - but it inspires me to make quilts.   So I'm pleased to be making this block, one of Judy Martin's to go into the quilt.  There are two or three more of hers in the magazine that I would like to make for Angela's quilt.

Oh, did you know that today is the first day of Summer?  It's hot here - 107 today.  Great pool weather!  Gotta look at the bright side. Right?


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  1. I'm pretty sure I have one or two of these as well that I found at second hand book stores. I figure the techniques never get out of style!
    I knew it was the first day of summer thanks to the Google drawing, but it was not that warm here. It has been raining for days. The sun was shining on my way to work however and it was lovely.