Monday, June 20, 2011

Working on those Civil War Blocks

Once again, I'm posting Civil War Blocks.

This fabric is really blue - actually a pretty dark blue.

Oh no, this one doesn't show the blue either - it's a slate grey blue.
Also the wind caught it and blew it into the pool, I'll iron it once it's dry again.

This one fell (blew) into the pool too. Little Turtle is holding it down.

Okay, so that makes five Civil War Blocks completed this week.
And that make me only one behind.  YAY!!
Until this morning, Monday, when Barbara posts another block!  LOL



  1. Linda, you're doing a great job on you CW blocks. And I think the fabric you're using is perfect! Keep on stitching.

  2. Awesome! I tried to keep up but lag way behind.

  3. Like your Civil War blocks, I just started on mine this week. Posted some today. I tried Texas Tears, think I will have to do it over, it only came out to 8 1/4" and that was stretching it.

  4. Love your blocks, and a very funny story with them falling into the pool!