Friday, May 27, 2011

Time for FUN - Vegas Fun!!

After working week after week and every single weekend for several months - Hubby said he needed a break - and there's nothing like running to Vegas for a little chillaxin'!  We had major Chillaxin' the past couple days.

On a whim - we ran off to Vegas on a Tuesday morning.  We spent some time at South Point Hotel.  It's so pretty the way it's all gold and shinny and bright.  (This hotel is at the very end of Vegas - and since we have a car we can easily drive to the strip.)  It's a lovely hotel and the staff treats us so nicely.

And they have beautiful decor - even the hallways are wide, bright and beautiful.

They have a great pool - it circles around and it was not crowded.

Main pool area - nice cool water for swimming.

We stayed near this heated pool because it was so pretty and so relaxing. That's not me and that's not my husband's head.
The first day we ran around having fun.  We went by the quilt store - but it had gone out of business.  So no quilty news in this post other than to say - no quilting was done this week!  hehehe!!!

The second day we stayed at South Point and just enjoyed the pool.  Would you believe I forgot my swimsuit?  I tried to buy one at the little hotel shop - they even had reasonable prices luck.  They didn't fit.  So I ended up with some men's trunks and a t-shirt.  They were so comfortable.  And they had pockets!!!  Great for your keys and ID and credit cards.  Ladies, we are being jipped!!  We should have swimsuits with pockets.  Okay I will admit that the swim trunks are not as sexy.  I suppose sexy will have to win out over the pockets.  Darn. 


  1. Everyone needs a break every once in a while. sounds like you both had a good time. Very ingenius substitute for a swim suit.

  2. That sounds like a nice time. I laughed out loud about your swim trunks and all. What a riot! Where are the photos of that?!

  3. We have our trip to Vegas booked in September, and reading your post has just made me look forward to it even more! I think I may pack my swimsuit right now...

  4. Next time you come to Vegas, you need to visit the Christmas Goose quilt shop. It is my favorite!