Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Post - NOT

I could let this be a Wordless Wednesday Post - but no way I have to say LOOK!!  I did another Civil War Block!

I was up late last night cutting little bits and sewing little pieces back together - hence the name for my blog.

There are 24 of those green triangles. (Ugh! So many! Or so it seemed last night.)

Lately, I've been loving sewing HST (Half Square Triangles). And so it was fun to sew them all up and those 24 sewed up zippy split.

I stayed up late because we went to see the movie Water for Elephants (Loved it!) and when I got home I wanted to do another Civil War Block.   And it took a while for me to cut and sew these up.  Around 11:00 at night I finally had one of these.

And around midnight...YAY!!  I finished my Kansas Trouble block.

Here's a better picture - colors are a bit more vivid.  Don't you just love it - or is it just me because I'm ditsy from not getting enough sleep.


  1. It does look great! I can't chuck those little pieces either, but so far I just collect and haven't sat down to do anything with them...

  2. You're really trying to tempt me into making that quilt, aren't you? Very nice!!

  3. All thos HST and that is an 8" block, right? Really very nice. I have heard good reviews about "Water for Elephants."

  4. If I could be even a sixteenth as crafty as you...I'd be happy.

    Put it this way: Even WITH a line I cannot cut a piece of paper in half evenly. <--- that's me!

  5. Yes, I love it! That is a LOT of work for that block, but it is awesome!!! I LOVE what you are doing! Thanks for the vicarious joy!

  6. Hello Linda, there was alot of hst ..took a little while to make your colourway...Regards, Lyn