Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another block done - Yay!!! & Block Lotto

Another block done!  Okay I think this makes 13 blocks finished and 6 left to catch up.

There is a lot of joy in making blocks - well for me there is. It's a small thing that I'm able to accomplish and I think they are beautiful.  I remember when I first started quilting and I would go to my local quilt store and make a block each month.  I was a bit worried about putting them into a quilt.  One day I decided I didn't have to; I could enjoy just making blocks.  If it makes me happy I get to do it.

Although I do plan to get these made into a quilt someday! 

Since I enjoy making blocks so much I'm considering - Doing BLOCK LOTTO!! 

This month is block is pineapple blossom.  It's a way cool block when set as multiples. 

I had to buy some grey fabric because I am proud to say I do not own any grey and it's a requirement for this months block.  That and some gold.  I hope to sew up one or two blocks this weekend.

And lastly, on Mother's day I was handing my daughter a glass of milk in a cup because the dishes were in the dishwasher washing.  I realized it was the cup my other daughter, Rosanna, had given me for Mother's Day.

The cup is a little hard to read it says MOM.  She was only about 4 or 5 at the time.  What a sweetie she was.  She placed it on the counter for the clerk to ring up and I kept from looking to see what she was buying. She wanted to surprise me.  Well, I had to call her up right then and talked about that Mother's day so many years ago.  We laughed about how that cup has been around for over 20 years and how it gives us such fun memories.

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  1. I just love your blocks and how they're turning out. Your points are excellent! I can't believe how fast you are catching up! I love all blocks pineapple. They are so stunning when put together!