Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Camping in Quartzsite

Quartzsite - See the Q in white up on the mountain? At the base of the mountain are RVs and Swap meets.
Now that I'm home - and it's cold and overcast here and did I mention cold?  Well, my favorite thing about AZ was the warm weather.  Nice 70 degree weather. I didn't realize Arizona had such nice weather in the winter.  Okay, but before I got home and realized that I live in such a cold box - my favorite part of camping was sitting around the fire cooking dinner.  Sometimes it's hard to get teenagers to talk.  My daughter never complains - she just so cute about that.  I know what she's thinking but she keeps her mouth shut.  So - this was NOT her favorite camping trip.  Swap meets and rocks are NOT her thing at all!!  As we were sitting around the campfire talking and joking I watched her start having fun and enjoying our time together.  And oh are the sunsets ever pretty in the desert!
Serena texting - yep she's a teenager! Notice the new mat.

There were so many swap meets - maybe 5 to 7 different areas.  One was mostly rocks.  And another was mostly crafty kind of things.  There were lots of antiques.  And RVs!!  RVs for sale, RV supplies and RV parts!  Quartzsite seems like "RV City".

We did a lot of walking and looking (just a little bit of buying)  The swap meets were so large that in two days we went to three of the swap meets and didn't even get to the other ones.  We only had time to cover 1/2 of the one with the rocks - which was okay with me and Serena. 

We came across an Antique type place.  Well, that's what the signs said.  We walked up and we could smell the cats even though it was outside - we are talking major smell here.   When we came across the owner and nice elderly man, I asked how many cats do you have?    He answered "13".   I could tell he really loved his cats - they were all friendly and wanted to be petted.  We were warned not to call kitty, kitty or they would all come running. 

At a different antique vendor, Serena spied these cast-iron banks. Of course we wanted Serena to get something.  But the price was pretty high, so hubby dicker and got the price down.   He's really good at that.

Then she spied another one that she liked - oh why not, she's such a good girl.

This Trick Dog one is fun - put a coin in his mouth, pull the lever and he jumps through the hoop. The coin lands in the barrel.  (See why I had to buy her two?)

For our RV we bought a mat that goes in front of the steps outside. (See picture above of Serena with the mat) It was 1/2 the price of the ones in the stores. Yea!  It's nice to have a large mat, keeps the dirt or rocks out.  Each time we go out we try to buy just one thing to make life in the RV better.  It takes a while to get everything you need for camping. 



  1. Oh Linda - what fun! Your daughter sounds like such a Sweetie Pie - and it's so neat - you connecting with her by the fire! Such beautiful pictures, too! Love the new mat - and so glad to hear your "adventure" was great!!!

  2. Glad you had a good time! It's timportant to get away from reality sometimes and do something different. And i won't tell anyone that Serena had a good time!

  3. Looks like fun. Love Serena's hair! WE had an RV,and a mat makes all the difference in the world in keeping your carpets clean! I love those banks! I can see why you had to get two! Stay warm!