Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great date - 1/11/11

For all us number people out there - this is a great date  1/11/11.  I work with numbers a lot throughout the day, so I do think dates like this are cool.

My grandmother had a joke that one could crochet if they could count to 8.  The pattern she was working with consisted of lots of 8's.  She would get all mixed up with her counting, laugh and have to rip out her stitches.  I have to laugh at myself.  (I'm relearning to crochet) Mine consists of series of 1 and 2s!!  I keep getting all mixed up and ripping them out too!  My grandma was so right!

One nice thing about crocheting is that once you have it down you can sit in front of the TV and just relax.  Which is what I want to do.  For Christmas my husband and I bought a "together gift" and purchased a big screen TV.  My daughter was so worried about her children coming over and knocking it over and it killing them.  We knew right away we were going to need a good sturdy TV stand.  So my husband went off looking at TV stands for flat screens.  I gave him instructions to buy one that is medium colored wood.

Oh I thought I had the picture of it - well hopefully tomorrow I can post that picture.  He did a really good job and I'm so pleased with it. (Wow, can you imagine sending your husband off to buy a piece of furniture for the livingroom?  I can't believe I do that kind of stuff.)  It is a really nice piece of furniture. And it's sturdy - even DD approved and will allow the grandkids to come over. 


  1. Crocheting is very relaxing once you get the hang of it. And it's the one thing I can do in the car without getting sick! Can't wait to see what you're making. I would NEVER send hubby out to buy a piece of furniture. That's a scarey thought, indeed.

  2. We hope to get a new big, flatscreen TV soon. Our house in Idaho was broken in to when we weren't living in it but had left some furniture there to help it sell and because we couldn't fit all our furniture in the little rental house. They threw a rock through our sliding door and stole the big TV and our Blue Ray player. :-( We are just now able to afford a new one. We want to hang it on a wall and will get rid of our TV stand. But it's dark wood. Wish we could give it to you! :-)

  3. My hubby has better taste them myself I think, at least with light fixtures!
    That is great news to hear that he did well, I cannot wait to see it.
    How are you finding crocheting? Did you get a book to teach yourself or online tutorials? I would like to learn, but I need to be shown I fear. Good luck!!

  4. Hey Linda, I taggged you over on my blog. Go check it out!

  5. Your crocheting is looking pretty - and it looks relaxing! Now - you must have one great hubby to be able to pick furniture without you there! So glad it worked out and can't wait to see!!!