Monday, January 3, 2011

Design Wall Monday - I need a bit of help.

Now as we all know Judy at Patchwork Times is picking a number for which UFO we will be working on.  This Month is number 6.  Which is this star quilt being held up by my beautiful daughter - although all you can see of her is red hair and some dainty little feet.  She is being gracious even to be my design wall because my real design wall in my sewing room was turned in a guest room.

I really like this quilt - but the problem is, it's not the right size.  It needs to be a bit bigger to be a good throw size.  If this was your quilt what would you do to it?  I have small amount of the fabrics not enough to even do another border.  And I'm was worried about adding more borders and it getting wonky.  Help!  I just am stuck!

Kelly at Charming Chatter makes a good point, which I totally agree with, not to allow pressure force us into completing a quilt before it ferments.  However, this little quilt has had a couple years to ferment and it's really not a MUF (masterpiece under fermentation.)  It's a "stuck and not going anywhere" quilt.  Any ideas?  Thanks for any suggestions.



  1. O would try to match a plain fabric and use the small amount of the quilt material to do appliqués to another border.
    I think where you have the design in the green border it will look ok to add another wider one. Hope that helps a bit...

  2. I would make it into a wall hanging. It is just beautiful as it is.

  3. Anna and Chris, It's suppose to be a wallhanging (you are both right about that) but I don't have a wall to hang it on. And I really want to be able to see and use this quilt.

  4. How about turning it to stand on point by making setting triangles (pretty large ones) all around - then you can do some simpler pieced stars (I'd stick to that divided blade coloring you used in the corner star pieces as it is _very_ effective:) or some broderie perse (appliquing flowers or starts or some such from a big fabric print) in the setting triangles.

    :) Linda

  5. I like it just the way it is. Actually, who's holding it. If it is you, then it is big enough for a throw quilt. Whoever it is it cover them enough to be a lap quilt. Sometimes I like just my lap covered - not all of me. That's what I would do.

  6. If you don't want to use it for a wall hanging, what about a table topper? It would look great on a large, round table. You can get really cheap ones at the hardware store. You could put a pretty table cloth on it (so you wouldn't see the cheap table underneath), and then put this on it, with the points draping over the sides. I think it would be really pretty like that. Does it match one of your rooms enough to do that?

    Otherwise, I like the idea of turning it on point and putting setting triangles around it. Turning something on point automatically makes it larger (because you have the longest distances going out to the edges).

    It's very pretty, and you've clearly done a lot of work on it!

  7. Linda's idea of putting it on point and enlarging it is a winner. If you don't want it square, just add 2-3 borders and make the top and bottom ones 2 inches larger than the side borders. Don't give up on this--it's beautiful!

  8. Oh Linda - this is a toughy! It's beautiful just as it is - but I know what you're talking about on making it bigger. I really like the idea of putting it on point by adding some plain triangles to each side - and then adding some applique to coordinate! Can't wait to see what you do with it!