Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saturday - Fun Day

The pool is not the only thing that keeps me away from my sewing machine.  Sometimes it is this Motorcycle Helmet.  I just have to strap it on, climb on the back of the motorcycle and take off with Mark. Which is what happened last Saturday. 

First Stop: the Harley Davidson store for coffee and a looksee at what is new.  Disclaimer:  All the following pictures were taken from the back of moving bike. I never remember to take them when I'm flat footed! 

Next Stop: A local shop that caters to bikers. Believe it or not, there's a lot bling behind that chain link!

Cute pockets, and see those hats above the pants. Serious Bling!

Our 3rd stop that morning:
 We just went for another looksee.  I liked this chair - but it doesn't go in my house.

Then on to our next stop: The Post Office. Just in case you are wondering - only junk mail.

Our last stop that morning:
I love being on the bike and enjoying the sights - the weather was wonderful and the sky so pretty.

And check out this vehicle that we saw that morning. 
Is this so cute or what?  I was a little embarrassed to snap a picture while on the back of the bike - but they must be used to it and just waved. 

Can you imagine we did all that and were home by 11:00 in the morning?  Then it was a dip in the pool and no sewing on that day. LOL!  Sunday I did sew and I'll share that later.

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. Great to spend a Saturday with hubby. Good pictures on a moving bike. It is hard to settle down in the sewing room in the summer-------fall will get us motivated.

  2. How fun! A bike ride and some pool time. Saturdays are just meant for that sort of thing.

  3. fun day!! My husband bikes too, but I never ride with him. And it seems all I ever get is junk mail too!! hahaha

  4. Look at you looking all cute in your helmet! I love riding with my hubby....

  5. Well that looks like a very fun day!!! Glad to see you with a helmet on. They just repealed the helmet law here in Michigan, and you don't see too many anymore.

  6. What a nice day. I love motoring around on the bike for a day, too. Glad you are having fun!