Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little Sewing - A Little Finishing

The girls came to visit.  And we did a little sewing.

Scarlett finished her bag.
Pay no attention to that messy house!

Scarlett was very pleased with the work she did.  I had her do all the cutting (her hand over mine),  all the ironing (I taught her to hold the iron by herself - press and set it back down) and all the sewing (her on my lap - guiding the fabric -me controlling the foot pedal).

This was a great first project.  Quick enough that she didn't lose interest.  
She's been using it for her books. 

And Violet finished up her purse too.
I did the same with Violet - she did all the work just like Scarlett (with my assistance).
Violet has more patience for sewing and her purse took more time - which work out so nicely for her.  She was begging me to let her sew Scarlett's purse up too. 

I really can't wait for the next project.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Awww, so sweet. These are moments they will remember. :) Happy sewing!

  2. They turned out so great! I love it! So glad you got to sew together with them!

    Messy house? Please! That's my house on a good day!

  3. How darling, little seamstresses in the making. My granddaughter tried sewing a few years ago , made several pillowcases and a small baby quilt and decided that was enough. Keep them sewing if you can. Beware of a seamstress with a neat room, messy is the true sign of creativity.

  4. You're so lucky! My dgd has about a 3-minute attention span, so we don't get to do crafty or stitchy together. Great projects - what's next?

  5. Aah, precious moments, snd wondeful memories to treasure. Time together is the best gift you can ever give them ... they are two lucky girls!

  6. I just love to see the young ones learing to sew and both Scarlett and Violet did fabulous jobs on the bags...